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Wii Play
WPl boxart.jpg
US cover artwork
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) Japan December 2, 2006
Europe December 8, 2006
Australia December 7, 2006
North America February 12, 2007
Platform(s) Wii
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E.png - Everyone
PEGI: PEGI 3.png - Ages 3+
CERO: CERO A.png - All ages
Game chronology
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Wii Play Motion
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Wii Play is a party game developed by Nintendo as a launch title for the Wii in Japan, Europe, and Australia. It was released in North America a few months after the Wii's release. The game contains nine minigames, all utilizing Miis. The games were designed to show off the various features of the Wii Remote. Wii Play was developed at the same time as Wii Sports, and is based on a collection of Wii demo games from E3 2006.

Although Wii Play received mixed reviews from critics, it was a commercial success, selling over 28 million copies worldwide,[1] which could be due to the game being bundled with a Wii Remote. The game retailed for $50 in the US, while a Wii Remote retailed for $40, meaning the game itself was essentially being sold for $10.


Initially, only the first game is unlocked. Completing a game once unlocks the next game.

Shooting Range

Shoot down the targets by aiming the Wii Remote at the screen. Fire with b. Combo 5 or more shots for a bonus!
— In-game description

In this game, similar to Duck Hunt from the NES, players point their Wii Remote at the screen and shoot with b at various objects to get points. Throughout all of the stages, ducks can occasionally be seen flying in the background, and can be shot for 1 point each.

Screenshot from Shooting Range, showing all of the target types
Stage Description
WPl Shooting Range Stage 1 screenshot.png
Stage 1
Different colored balloons drift across the screen, and the player must shoot them to get points. Each balloon is 1 point.
WPl Shooting Range Stage 2 screenshot.png
Stage 2
Targets appear and disappear across the screen. Regular targets are 1 point, golden targets are 3 points, and the targets with your Mii's face on it are -3 points.
WPl Shooting Range Stage 3 screenshot.png
Stage 3
Frisbees are thrown across the screen by an unknown person. Each frisbee is worth 3 points.
WPl Shooting Range Stage 4 screenshot.png
Stage 4
Aluminum cans fall from the sky. Each can is worth 1 point initially, however when shot they bounce back in the air. The point value increases by 1 each additional time they are shot until they break at 5 points.
WPl Shooting Range Stage 5 screenshot.png
Stage 5
A group of your Mii is standing in a field. UFOs float down and try to beam your Miis up. Shooting a UFO yields 3 points, and it drops the Mii. If all the Miis are stolen, the game ends. If Miis are left at the end of the game, you get additional points.

Find Mii

Pick out the right faces from the crowd. Aim with the Wii Remote, and press a to select.
— In-game description

The second game, Find Mii, has the player attempt to locate certain Miis following a prompt. Usually, the challenge is to locate two look-alike Miis, but sometimes it's to find a specific Mii. The game starts out with a one minute timer, and 10 seconds and a few points are added for each correct challenge. When the timer runs out, the game ends and the points are tallied. Each challenge is located in one of five places: a crosswalk, a body of water, a set of escalators, outer space, or a dark room.

Table Tennis

Move the paddle to return the ball. Aim the Wii Remote at the screen to move the paddle. How many times can you rally?
— In-game description

In this game, the player must point their Wii Remote at the screen to move a disembodied hand holding a paddle. The opponent is another floating hand, which is either a computer, or the second player. The player must bounce the ball back, called "rallying". As the game progresses, more Miis show up at the table to watch. The computer will gradually speed up to a certain point, and then the game will continue until a player misses the ball, or the score reaches 999. After 999 rallies, the computer will miss the ball, and the round will end. If the player misses, then the game ends and the score is posted.

Pose Mii

The intro to Pose Mii
Twist the Wii Remote to spin the Mii left and right. Switch poses by pressing a or b.
— In-game description

In Pose Mii, the player must point the Wii Remote at the TV to match the Mii to a cutout. Rotating the remote rotates the Mii, and pressing a or b changes the pose of the Mii. The cutouts are located in bubbles which float down from the top of the screen. Matching the Mii to the cutout pops the bubble. If the bubbles makes it to the bottom of the screen, the game ends. Regular bubbles gain 1 point when popped, and glowing rainbow bubbles gain 3 points and freeze the bubbles for a few seconds. There are a total of 16 levels, but the player may likely never reach the later levels, due to the increased amount of bubbles. If the player gets a perfect score, additional points are rewarded. The perfect bonus starts at 5, and increases by 5 for each level. The highest possible score is 1545 points.

Level Background Max base score Perfect bonus Max score Cumulative max score
Level 1 Closeup of a purple flower 58 5 63 63
Level 2 Photo of two birds 56 10 66 129
Level 3 Photo of a butterfly 49 15 64 193
Level 4 Photo of many blue flowers 47 20 67 260
Level 5 Photo of a pink flower 51 25 76 336
Level 6 Photo of a duck 50 30 80 416
Level 7 Photo of pink flower 51 35 86 502
Level 8 Closeup of a sunflower 60 40 100 602
Level 9 Closeup of a peacock 54 45 99 701
Level 10 Photo of a dragonfly 53 50 103 804
Level 11 Closeup of a crocodile 42 55 97 901
Level 12 Photo of a praying mantis 59 60 119 1020
Level 13 Closeup of a toad 42 65 107 1127
Level 14 Photo of a moth 63 70 133 1260
Level 15 Closeup of an eagle 49 75 124 1384
Level 16 Closeup of a sleeping Lion 81 80 161 1545
  • Between levels 11 and 15, the perfect bonus is larger than the possible score.

Laser Hockey

Hit the puck into your opponent's goal with the Wii Remote. Twist the Wii Remote left and right to rotate.
— In-game description

In laser hockey, the player points the Wii Remote at the screen to control a rectangular puck. The goal is to bounce the puck into the opponent's goal, and prevent the puck from entering the player's own goal. The opponent can either be a player, or a CPU. The game begins with a 120 second time limit, and whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. If the player wins the round, their score is logged on the highscore board. This means that even if the player gets a higher score than ever before, they must still win in order to set a new high score.


Strike the cue ball with the Wii Remote. Aim for the ball with the cursor over it. How many shots will it take to sink them all?
— In-game description