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WPl Billiards intro screenshot.png
The introduction to the game
First game Wii Play
Latest game Wii Play
Number of players 1P or 2P
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Strike the cue ball with the Wii Remote. Aim for the ball with the cursor over it. How many shots will it take to sink them all?
— In-game description

Billiards is a minigame in Wii Play.


This minigame is identical to a real-world game of Nine-ball. Players will use the B button and a jousting motion with the Wii Remote to simulate a cue stick. The goal is to use the all-white cue ball to pocket all nine balls in ascending order as quickly as possible. Other balls can be pocketed out of order should they collide properly, but the cue ball must connect with the lowest number ball first. If no contact happen, the cue ball is pocketed, or the cue ball collides with the wrong number of ball, a Foul is called and the cue ball is re-placed on the table. With two-players, the opposing player makes the decision to place. Each ball is worth its own point value.


Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
15 points 27 points 51 points 60 points (perfect game)