Laser Hockey

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Laser Hockey
WPl Laser Hockey intro screenshot.png
Introduction to the game
First game Wii Play
Latest game Wii Play
Number of players 1P or 2P
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Hit the puck into your opponent's goal with the Wii Remote. Twist the Wii Remote left and right to rotate.
— In-game description

Laser Hockey is a minigame found in Wii Play.


In laser hockey, the player points the Wii Remote at the screen to control a rectangular puck. The goal is to bounce the puck into the opponent's goal, and prevent the puck from entering the player's own goal. The opponent can either be a player, or a CPU. The game begins with a 120 second time limit, and whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. If the player wins the round, their score is logged on the highscore board. This means that even if the player gets a higher score than ever before, they must still win in order to set a new high score.

With two-players, players try to get 8 points to win.


Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
3 points 7 points 10 points 14 points