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Pose Mii Plus
WPlM Pose Mii Plus.jpg
Completing a ring
First game Wii Play Motion
Latest game Wii Play Motion
Number of players 1-2
Modes Pose Mii Plus
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Floating through a serene tunnel might sound nice, but your Mii won’t thank you if you send them crashing into a wall! With the +Control Pad of the Wii Remote Plus facing you, you’ll turn the controller in order to make your avatar rotate into the position required to pass through a Mii-shaped hole. The more times you get it right, the higher a score you’ll build up. Hit the wall three times and it’s game over! Two players can take up the challenge together, sharing three turns between them – which means if one of you takes a hit, you’ll both pay the price!
— Nintendo UK description[1]

Pose Mii Plus is a minigame found in Wii Play Motion. It is the sequel to Pose Mii, found in Wii Play.


Players must rotate their Mii to fit through the approaching hole, changing poses as needed. Every completion awards the player with points, and additional points can be earned at the end of a Stage by collecting crystals. The sooner a player completes a ring, the more points they are awarded. Players have three hearts of health—failure to complete a ring in time will reduce one heart, and the game ends if all three are used, or the fifth Stage is completed. 100 bonus points are awarded for hearts remaining at the end of the game.

A platinum medal is rewarded for both reaching 900 points and not losing a single heart.


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