Cone Zone

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Cone Zone
WPlM Cone Zone Screenshot.jpg
Balancing ice cream
First game Wii Play Motion
Latest game Wii Play Motion
Other game(s) Wii Play Motion
Number of players 1P or 2P
Peripherals needed Wii MotionPlus
Modes Scoop Mode
Swirl Mode
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In Cone Zone, the tension mounts as the ice cream piles up! Holding the Wii Remote Plus upright, you'll have to make subtle movements to balance an ice cream cone as it is stacked with one scoop after another. Play it right, and the sky's the limit – or is it?
— Nintendo UK description[1]

Cone Zone is the first minigame found in Wii Play Motion. The player Miis are tasked with creating a large tower of ice cream in various ways, by rotating an upright Wii Remote to keep the stack balanced. Other Miis will stand by and react to the performance of the player, in a small town environment. There are two modes of play available.

Scoop Mode

The player Mii holds an empty cone, and progressively more scoops of ice cream are added from various sides, causing the balance of the ice cream to become disjointed. The player Mii is tasked with keeping the stack of scoops upright, by keeping the vertical Wii Remote upright. Occasionally, a scoop will be larger than normal, which will throw off the balance even further. This mode can be played with either one or two players.

Medals can also be earned through this mode. The total scoops needed for each is the following:

  • Bronze—20
  • Silver—40
  • Gold—60
  • Platinum—80

Swirl Mode

Swirl mode.

Swirl Mode is unlocked after playing Scoop Mode once. Instead of stacking scoops, the player Mii must balance soft serve ice cream in a spiral fashion. There are no medals for this mode, and it is single-player only. Unlike Scoop Mode, this minigame takes place at night.


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