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WPl Tanks! Menu Icon.png
Menu icon for the game
First game Wii Play
Latest game Wii Play
Number of players 2 (Versus)
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Tanks! is the final minigame available in Wii Play. It is the only minigame that uses the Nunchuk, although the Nunchuk is optional.


The player controls a small toy tank around a wood arena, attempting to destroy all other tanks to progress. Instead of a time limit, as many other minigames feature, Tanks! uses a life system in singe player mode—run out of lives, and the game is over. In 2 player, both players dying results in a game over but players have unlimited lives and will advance to the next stage every time a player kills all enemies without dying. Enemy tanks will fire back, and being struck by any projectile (including the player's own) will result in a loss of life.

Player shots and some enemy shots can bounce off of walls, and mine explosions can go through walls. Some cork-material walls can also be permanently destroyed with mines.

After completing 20 stages, the game will end in 2 player. Completing 100 stages ends the game in 1 player. Every five stages completed awards an extra life.

There are a variety of tanks to be found:

Color Image Description/Abilities
Brown WPl Tanks! Brown Tank.jpg Stationary and fires infrequently.
Gray WPl Tanks! Gray Tank.jpg These tanks move at random, and fire more often, albeit randomly.
Teal WPl Tanks! Teal Tank.jpg Fires fast missile-like shots, and tend to aim directly at the player.
Yellow WPl Tanks! Yellow Tank.jpg Faster than other tanks, and tend to attack with mines over shots.
Pink WPl Tanks! Pink Tank.jpg More challenging versions of gray tanks.
Green WPl Tanks! Green Tank.jpg Similar to teal tanks, but their shots bounce off walls.
Purple WPl Tanks! Purple Tank.jpg Like pink tanks, but tend to avoid getting close to the player.
White WPl Tanks! White Tank.jpg Turn invisible. They can still be perceived with their track marks and shot origins.
Black Needed.png Combination of green, yellow, and purple tanks: These are fast, smart, and fire missiles.


Wii Remote: Aim

control stick or d-pad: Steer tank

b: Fire

a: Drop a mine


Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Complete Mission 5 Complete Mission 10 Complete Mission 20 Complete Mission 30