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WPl Charge gameplay screenshot.png
Gameplay of Charge!
First game Wii Play
Latest game Wii Play
Number of players 1P-2P
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Turn the Wii Remote so that d-pad is on the left. Tilt forward to run, back to slow, and sideways to turn. Raise it to jump.
— In-game description

Charge! is a minigame found in Wii Play.


This game is set in a world made out of yarn. The player rides a sentient yarn cow, and the goal is to knock over scarecrows. The Wii Remote is held sideways, and tilting it makes the cow move. Tilting forward makes the cow run faster, and tilting back makes the cow slow down. Tilting to the side makes the cow turn. To make the cow jump, quickly raise the Wii Remote. The cow runs along a dirt path on a farm, laden with scarecrows and hurdles. Every regular scarecrow hit yields 1 point, and 5 bonus points are awarded when a string are all hit in a row. Crowned scarecrows yield 10 points, but unlike regular scarecrows, they can move around. Running into a hurdle breaks the hurdle, slows down the cow, and sometimes knocks the cow off the path. When off the path, the cow runs much slower. It is impossible to turn around and go backwards, as the cow cannot turn sharp enough, and will run into the unbreakable fences lining the edge of the path. If a lap is completed before the 90 second timer runs out, the game ends, and the points are tallied. If the timer runs out, the game ends and all points are lost.

Obstacle Result of charging
WPl Charge Scarecrow screenshot.png
Yields 1 point
WPl Charge King Scarecrow screenshot.png
King Scarecrow
Yields 10 points
WPl Charge Tree screenshot.png
Destruction of property
WPl Charge fence screenshot.png
Slows cow down and may knock aside


Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
170 points 250 points 300 points 325 points