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WPl Fishing gameplay screenshot.png
A calming day, fishin'
First game Wii Play
Latest game Wii Play
Number of players 1P-2P
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Move the Wii Remote forward, back, up, down, left, and right to move the rod. When you get a nibble, pull back!
— In-game description

Fishing is a minigame in Wii Play.


In Fishing, the player controls a floating hand and fishing rod with the pointer. The object of the game is to catch fish in a pond by lowering the fishing rod into the water, and having the fish bite the rod. Pulling back on the Wii Remote pulls the fish out of the water, and gains a set number of points. The game runs for a minute [needs verification], and then the score is tallied. Moving the Wii Remote adjusts the position of the fishing rod in the pond.

Different kinds of fish yield different set amounts of points, and also have slightly different behavior. Every so often, a random type of fish (excluding Small Fry) is selected as the "Bonus" fish, and catching it during this time will yield double points.

Types of fish in Fishing
Fish Points Notes
WPl Fishing Plain Ol Fish screenshot.png
Plain Ol' Fish
50 This fish is plain and old, per its name.
WPl Fishing Small Fry screenshot.png
Small Fry
-50 This fish bites the hook and swims away with it rapidly.
WPl Fishing Nibbler screenshot.png
90 This fish cannot be caught when it bites the hook, only when it nibbles, hence the name.
WPl Fishing Touchy Fish screenshot.png
Touchy Fish
190 This fish is easily scared if the hook moves too much.
WPl Fishing Mystery Fish screenshot.png
Mystery Fish
250 This fish only appears for a small time, and then vanishes.
WPl Fishing King of the Pond screenshot.png
King of the Pond
340 This fish only appears for a small time, and then vanishes.


Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
1,000 points 1,600 points 2,300 points 2,600 points


  • The textures for the fish in Fishing are slightly squished in the files. The fish are slightly stretched out during gameplay.