Skip Skimmer

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Skip Skimmer
WPlM Skip Skimmer Skip Mode.jpg
Skip Mode
First game Wii Play Motion
Latest game Wii Play Motion
Number of players 1-4
Modes Skip Mode
Score Mode
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The satisfaction of skimming a stone across clear water comes home thanks to the power of the Wii Remote Plus. The angle of your controller will determine the angle of your selected stone when it hits the water, and every time it skips on the surface you'll earn a point. You're just a flick of the wrist away from shattering the record!
— Nintendo UK description[1]

Skip Skimmer is a minigame found in Wii Play Motion. It revolves around skipping stones across water, by moving the Wii Remote laterally.

Skip Mode

The player first begins by selecting which hand they would like to throw with. Then, an object is selected off the beachside to throw with. These are primarily different sized rocks, but occasionally other objects appear as well, such as boomerangs, UFOs, lightning bolts, or dolphins. Rocks may have icons on them as well, which cause sound effects to play for every skip—these do not impact score. Examples include a dog, frog, star, a heart, or music notes.

Players have five innings to skip as many times as possible. Skips are maximized by appropriately throwing to fill the power meter without going over (similar to Wii Sports's Golf) and by remaining level when throwing a stone. The pond is of infinite size, and players may throw in any direction they choose.

A platinum medal is awarded with 180 points.

Score Mode

Unlike Skip Mode, Score Mode focuses on directing aim in particular directions to skip through rings to reach a goal area. This goal area is bullseye-shaped, and adds points to the skips. Each yellow ring adds ten points to the player's score.

There are five stages, each with their own differences:

Number Image Special feature
1 Needed.png Introduces the mechanics of Score Mode.
2 WPlM Skip Skimmer Score Mode.jpg Curved platforms to bounce off of.
3 Needed.png Moving barriers that will cut off a throw.
4 Needed.png A series of ramps and moving rings.
5 Needed.png Many shot blocking barriers move in and out, and the throw distance is much longer.