Shooting Range

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Shooting Range
WPl Shooting Range Stage 2 screenshot 2.png
Screenshot from Shooting Range, showing all of the target types
First game Wii Play
Latest game Wii Play
Other game(s) Wii Play
Number of players 1P or 2P
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Shoot down the targets by aiming the Wii Remote at the screen. Fire with b. Combo 5 or more shots for a bonus!
— In-game description

Shooting Range is a minigame found in Wii Play.

In this game, similar to Duck Hunt from the NES, players point their Wii Remote at the screen and shoot with a or b at various objects to get points. Throughout all of the stages, ducks can occasionally be seen flying in the background, and can be shot for bonus points.


Stage Description
WPl Shooting Range Stage 1 screenshot.png
Stage 1
Different colored balloons drift upwards across the screen, and the player must shoot them to get points. Each balloon is 1 point. If two or more balloons of the same color are shot consecutively, they are worth 2 points.
WPl Shooting Range Stage 2 screenshot.png
Stage 2
Targets appear and disappear across the screen. Regular targets are 1 point, golden targets are 3 points, and the targets with your Mii's face on them are -3 points. In multiplayer, if the player shoots the targets with their opponent's Mii's face on, they'll earn 3 points.
WPl Shooting Range Stage 3 screenshot.png
Stage 3
Frisbees are thrown across the screen by an unknown person. Each frisbee is worth 3 points. If shot quickly enough, they are worth 5 points.
WPl Shooting Range Stage 4 screenshot.png
Stage 4
Aluminum cans fall from the sky. Each can is worth 1 point initially, however when shot they bounce back in the air. The point value increases by 1 each additional time they are shot until they break at 5 points.
WPl Shooting Range Stage 5 screenshot.png
Stage 5
A group of your Mii is standing in a field. UFOs float down and try to beam your Miis up. Shooting a UFO yields 3 points, and it drops the Mii. If all the Miis are stolen, the game ends. If Miis are left at the end of the game, you get 10 additional points for each one.


Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
250 points 400 points 500 points 600 points