Veggie Guardin'

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Veggie Guardin'
WPlM Veggie Guardin' Guard Mode.jpg
Balancing ice cream
First game Wii Play Motion
Latest game Wii Play Motion
Other game(s) Wii Play Motion
Number of players 1P (Guard Mode, Recall Mode)
2-4P (Versus Mode)
Peripherals needed Wii MotionPlus
Modes Guard Mode, Versus Mode, Recall Mode
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When your precious vegetable patch comes under threat, it's time to hit back! Use the Wii Remote Plus like a hammer and come down hard on the moles that pop up and try to pinch your fine foodstuffs. Crack enough moles in a row and you'll be rewarded with a giant hammer. That ought to teach them...
— Nintendo UK description[1]

Veggie Guardin' is the second minigame found in Wii Play Motion. This whack-a-mole style game has the player using the Wii Remote like a hammer to hit moles that come out of the ground, while avoiding helpful Miis trying to deliver food.

After enough successful hits, the hammer will become enlarged and play a special jingle, similar to the Hammer theme from Donkey Kong. During this time, all moles can be defeated in one strike, and will start producing a points multiplier. A meter appears at the bottom of the screen that progressively decreases—should it empty, the hammer returns to normal. Every successful strike of the hammer refills the meter.

Guard Mode

This mode has the player protect the food baskets from the thieving moles. Should all three food items be taken, the game will end. Progressively, Miis will appear out of holes as well to deliver food. Any remaining food at the end of a stage is converted into points.

Occasionally, the player needs to defeat Long Moles, which take several strikes to defeat. Once all three are defeated, the stage will end.

The final round is against a royal-looking mole underground. Instead of coming out of the ground, moles will fly towards the player directly. Once the bonus mode of the hammer is activated, the moles will fly back and damage the boss mole. After being damaged once, there is a two-minute long timer placed to end the fight. The boss mole will occasionally create shockwaves that send fruit to the player. The next phase involves smashing the boss mole's hands before whacking the boss directly. The rest of the battle rotates between these two phases. Beating the boss before the time limit will reward a time completion bonus; Not defeating the boss leads to a loss.

A platinum medal can be earned by collecting 2500 points or more.

Versus Mode

Versus Mode.

This mode behaves similarly to Guard Mode, though there is no fruit to protect—the event is based off of stage completion. Multiple players will attempt to out-score the other, with several hammers on screen at once. Long moles now serve as standard enemies, and the boss mole fight is entirely omitted.

Player colors are the following:

  • Player 1—Blue
  • Player 2—Red
  • Player 3—Green
  • Player 4—Yellow

Recall Mode

Recall Mode.

This mode is unlocked after either reaching 500 points or defeating the Long Moles for the first time.

Unlike the prior two modes, this has five permanent moles, and serves as a memory game. The order of the moles has particular colors and piano notes to help distinguish the creatures apart. There are up to fifty rounds to play.