Trigger Twist

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Trigger Twist
WPlM Trigger Twist Screenshot.jpg
Firing at UFOs
First game Wii Play Motion
Latest game Wii Play Motion
Other game(s) Wii Play Motion
Number of players 1P or 2P
Peripherals needed Wii MotionPlus
Modes Trigger Twist
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UFOs, ninjas or dinosaurs could attack from any angle in this innovative point-and-shoot game. Holding the Wii Remote Plus controller, you'll move your arm to aim at enemies on the screen, but you'll have to move your body too!
— Nintendo UK description[1]

Trigger Twist is the fifth minigame found in Wii Play Motion. The player must rotate around a 360° space to fire at a variety of enemies, including UFOs, Dinosaurs, Cans, and Targets. There is only one mode of play for this minigame, though a second player can join for a combined score total. Some of the nearby environment can also be hit and destroyed—doing so occasionally grants bonus points. A streak of successful shots will increase point value, to a total of 100 points per shot.

The player has three points of health, which is lost when some targets are not destroyed. There are occasionally heart capsule items that are dropped to restore a heart.

Trigger Twist

Level 1

The player fires at a variety of balloons rising from a field of grass, targets appearing in the air, and birds (referential to wikipedia:Duck Hunt). Halfway through the stage, a can will be thrown on-screen, which must be struck multiple times to destroy. The same applies to red targets that appear after the cans.

Level 2

This stage primarily has the player firing at a series of erratically-moving UFO enemies. The final UFO, which is golden, moves rapidly and drops three shootable coins when defeated.

Level 3

This stage adds several Miis to the stage. This time, UFOs will try to steal the Miis away, and the player must blast them to recover them. Failure to protect a Mii loses a heart. After a series of balloons, a mothership-like UFO will descend from directly above the player. They must destroy all the glowing spots around the outside of the mothership (while destroying oncoming missiles) to succeed. Defeating the mothership drops 20 coins.

Level 4

The terrain and enemies become ninja-themed. Multiple ninjas will attempt to rush the player, and tend to make wide leaps across the stage.

Level 5

Red ninjas are introduced, and require multiple hits to defeat. There are also paper card targets that will fall from above towards the end of the level.

Level 6

Occasionally, ninjas will be chasing a Mii across the stage. Otherwise, the standard ensemble of ninjas still attacks the player directly. Shooting a Mii will lose points, and as ninjas run across the stage, it leads to the possibility of accidental friendly fire. There is a sole brown ninja who will throw a pot at the player. The level concludes with the final ninja: A very large purple ninja that throws bombs, and jumps out-of-view every time they are struck. Defeat of the ninja awards 20 coins.

Level 7

The ninja theme is replaced with a jungle. Unlike the prior two stages, the player is navigating forward for the duration of the level, and must work quickly to dispose of targets. Dinosaurs are the primary enemy, both airborne and on the ground. Several will be chasing Miis throughout the level. The Stegosaurus will take multiple hits to defeat—the benefit for defeating such enemies is three coins each. The end of this level has a massive Kraken tentacle throwing projectiles at the player.

Stage 8

Some dinosaurs will be holding Miis in their mouth. Otherwise, the level operates similarly to the prior one.

Stage 9

In addition to the the standard dinosaur enemies, there are huge dinosaurs hiding behind the tree lines that must be dealt with at a distance. More enemies are outright aggressive, and will appear by directly charging the player. The end of the stage is a run-away sequence with a ferocious T-Rex. Instead of firing normally to deal damage, the player must wait until it charges and destroys trees, leaving open purple spots on its mouth. The only way to damage the boss is by aiming and firing precisely at the purple sports—failure to do so will result in a heart loss. Defeat of the T-Rex provides 20 coins.


Medals are awarded for the completion of each set of stages:

  • Bronze—UFOs
  • Silver—Ninjas
  • Gold—Jungle
  • Platinum—Beat all stages with 25000 points or higher.


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