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Mario Golf: Super Rush

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Mario Golf: Super Rush
MGSR boxart.jpg
Box art for Mario Golf: Super Rush
Developer(s) Camelot
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) World June 25, 2021
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
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Mario Golf: Super Rush is the sixth game in the Mario Golf series. It was announced Feburary 27, 2021 in a Nintendo Direct. In addition to the regular golf mode, which is similar in rules to real-world golf, there is Speed Golf, in which characters run to the ball after hitting it, Battle Golf, which takes place in a stadium and involves making it into three holes first, and Golf Adventure, a story mode. Miis are playable in the game and are the main protagonist of and only playable character in Golf Adventure.

Golf Adventure

MGSR Mii group artwork.png
Artwork of a Mii with Chargin' Chuck, Boo, and Toadette.

At the beginning of Golf Adventure, the player's Mii is a rookie along with Chargin' Chuck, Boo, and Toadette. They start playing golf, winning tournaments and advancing through courses suffering from extreme weather, unlocking their Special Shot and new equipment along the way. Eventually, they find a mysterious living statue that tests their skills. When they pass the test, they are instructed to use the statue's power to defeat the Sacred Flamebeast, powering up their Special Shot with fire and letting them defeat the Snow King, the cause of the extreme weather. Once the Snow King is beaten, that Mii can be used in Battle Golf.

Mii attributes


Like all other characters, Miis have five stats: Power (how far they can hit the ball), Stamina (how long they can dash in Speed and Battle Golf modes), Speed (how fast they are in those modes), Control (how straight they can hit the ball), and Spin (how much they can curve the ball). Unique to Miis is the ability to fully customize them. Each stat (except for Power, which is measured in yards and uses larger numbers) can be upgraded by one each time the Mii levels up in Golf Adventure. Upgrading one stat may decrease some of the other ones by one. Stamina goes up to 15 and Speed, Control, and Spin go up to 10.

Special moves

Miis' Special Shots are "Stinger" type shots, meaning that they travel in a straight line and knock balls out of their way. It can be upgraded to have fire, but this is purely cosmetic outside Golf Adventure, where it serves as a plot device. Their Special Dash can be upgraded as well. It starts out as a simple run, but can be upgraded to include a jump and later a spin.


In Golf Adventure only, Miis can change their clothes to use be affected by hazards less, among other things. They can also use different clubs, some of which have additional effects, and the number of clubs they have affects their speed. In addition, Miis are the only characters that can be barred from online play.


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