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Wii Fit Plus
WFP boxart.jpg
WFP boxart european.jpg
WFP boxart japanese.jpg
US cover artwork
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) Japan October 1, 2009
Europe October 30, 2009
Australia October 15, 2009
North America October 4, 2009
Korea December 2, 2010
Taiwan January 30, 2010
Platform(s) Wii
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E.png - Everyone
PEGI: PEGI 3.png - Ages 3+
CERO: CERO A.png - All ages
Input(s) Wii Remote
Wii Remote + Nunchuck
Wii Balance Board
Game ID RSPJ01, RSPP01, RSPE01, RSPK01, RSPW01
Game chronology
Previous game
Wii Fit
Next game
Wii Fit U
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Wii Fit Plus is an exercise game released in 2009 by Nintendo for the Wii. It is an expansion and enhancement for Wii Fit, adding 15 new activities under Training Plus, 6 new muscle workouts and yoga activities, the My Wii Fit Plus mode, a calorie counter, a multiplayer mode and options to register dogs, cats and babies in the game. It was followed in 2013 by Wii Fit U.

New activities

Wii Fit Plus contains all of the Wii Fit activities, as well as these additional ones:

Activity Instructions
WFP Gate Icon.png
This can help your sides and relieve overall tension.
WFP Grounded V Icon.png
Grounded V
This can help stimulate your body and tone your abdomen.
WFP Spinal Extension Icon.png
Spinal Extension
This works for your shoulders and could help tone your legs and waist as well.
Strength Training (NTSC) / Muscle Workouts (PAL)
Activity Instructions
WFP Balance Bridge Icon.png
Balance Bridge
This exercise can help tone your upper arms and hips.
WFP Side Lunge Icon.png
Side Lunge
Really focus on working your inner thighs here.
WFP Single-Leg Reach Icon.png
Single-Leg Reach
This can help improve your core muscles, hips, and your sense of balance.
Training Plus
Activity Instructions
WFP Perfect 10 Icon.png
Shake your hips and do the math! This tests body and mind coordination.
WFP Island Cycling Icon.png
Island Cycling (NTSC) / Cycling (PAL)
Step on the Wii Balance Board to pedal. This will help work your lower body.
WFP Rhythm Kung Fu Icon.png
Mimic kung-fu moves to the beat. This tests your sense of rhythm and coordination.
WFP Driving Range Icon.png
How about some golf? Use the Wii Remote as your club and we can analyze your swing.
WFP Segway® Circuit Icon.png
The Segway® x2 activity can help you work on your balance and agility.
WFP Bird's-Eye Bull's-Eye Icon.png
Flap your arms to fly. This trains your upper-body strength and sense of balance.
WFP Snowball Fight Icon.png
Work on your judgement skills and reaction time as you fire away!
WFP Obstacle Course Icon.png
Step in a place to walk. Straighten your legs to jump. This tests your timing and agility.
WFP Tilt City Icon.png
Tilt the Wii Remote controller, and shift your weight. This tests your hand-eye coordination.
WFP Rhythm Parade Icon.png
This will help train your sense of rhythm and coordination.
WFP Big Top Juggling Icon.png
Juggle while balancing on the ball! This tests your sense of balance and timing.
WFP Skateboard Arena Icon.png
Try skateboarding with the Wii Balance Board! This tests your balance and agility.
WFP Table Tilt Plus Icon.png
Lean your body left, right, forward, and backward to drop the balls into the holes.
WFP Balance Bubble Plus Icon.png
Balance Bubble Plus tests your lower-body balance and agility.
WFP Basic Run Plus Icon.png
Basic Run Plus (NA) / Jogging Plus (EU)
Remember what you see along the way. Stay focused while you burn calories!

My Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit Plus introduced the My Wii Fit Plus menu, which allows players to take part in tailored or custom routines, check burned calories and set calorie goals and replay balance tests.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Wiiフィット プラス
Wii Fitto Purasu
Wii Fit Plus
Traditional Chinese Wii塑身Plus
Wii Sùshēn Plus
Wii Body Sculpting Plus
Korean Wii 피트 플러스
Wii Piteu Peulleoseu
Wii Fit Plus
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