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Wii Fit
WF boxart.jpg
US cover artwork
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) Japan December 1, 2007
Europe April 25, 2008
Australia May 8, 2008
North America May 21, 2008
Platform(s) Wii
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E.png - Everyone
PEGI: PEGI 3.png - Ages 3+
CERO: CERO A.png - All ages
Game chronology
Previous game
First game in series
Next game
Wii Fit Plus
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Wii Fit is an exercise game created by Nintendo for the Wii. It was released in Japan about a year after the Wii was released, and a few months later for the rest of the world.


Yoga Strength Training
Deep Breathing Single Leg Extension
Half-Moon Push-Up and Side Plank
Warrior Torso Twists
Tree Jackknife
Sun Salutation Lunge
Standing Knee Rowing Squat
Palm Tree Single Leg Twist
Chair Sideways Leg Twist
Triangle Plank
Downward Facing Dog Triceps Extension
Dance Arm and Leg Lift
Cobra Single-Arm Stand
Bridge Push-Up Challenge
Spinal Twist Jackknife Challenge
Shoulder Stand Plank Challenge
Aerobics Balance Games
Hula Hoop Soccer Heading (NA) / Heading (EU)
Basic Step (NA) / Step Basics (EU) Ski Slalom
Basic Run (NA) / Jogging (EU) Ski Jump
Super Hula Hoop Table Tilt
Advanced Step (NA) / Step Plus (EU) Tightrope Walk (NA) / Tightrope Tension (EU)
2-P Run (NA) / 2P Jogging (EU) Balance Bubble
Rhythm Boxing Penguin Slide
Free Step Snowboard Slalom
Free Run (NA) / Free Jogging (EU) Lotus Focus (NA) / Zazen (EU)