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Go Vacation
Go Vacation.png
Developer(s) Bandai Namco
Publisher(s) Bandai Namco Entertainment
Nintendo (Switch version, non-Japanese releases only)
Release date(s) North America October 11, 2011
Japan October 20, 2011
Europe November 4, 2011
Australia November 17, 2011
Platform(s) Wii, Nintendo Switch
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E.png - Everyone
PEGI: PEGI 3.png - Ages 3+
CERO: CERO A.png - All ages
Input(s) Wii:
Wii Remote
Wii MotionPlus
Wii Remote+Nunchuck
Wii Balance Board
Wii Wheel
Wii Zapper
Nintendo Switch:
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Game chronology
Previous game
We Ski & Snowboard
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1 island, 4 resorts!
— Wii Save Data
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Go Vacation is a game that initially released on the Wii in 2011, and later got a rerelease on Nintendo Switch in 2018. The game is the third of the We Ski series. The game featured over 50 Minigames, with a variety of genres, including shooters, rhythm, racing, and dancing (which was removed in the Nintendo Switch release). The game supports up to 4 players, either on one system or via local wireless (Switch only), with each player requiring a controller and Nunchuk (Wii Version). Additionally, if players decide to use the Wii Balance Board, only 3 players are able to play, and only player 1 can use the balance board.


The game takes place on Kawawii island, Go Vacation's version of Wuhu Island. All 50 games take place somewhere on this island, with them being split into 5 resorts, the Marine Resort, City Resort, Snow Resort, [[Mountain Resort, and the Villa Grounds. Each resort has a different amount of attractions, with most giving you Stamps. The three games removed from the Wii Version have been replaced by different games, however, they do not give stamps. When the player earns 20 stamps, they unlock their own Villa


One of the main points of Go Vacation is all of its activities. Activities are the games that show up when exploring the island. They have an icon that looks like this Needed.png.

When the player first plays an activity, they will only be able to do the first level/thing that that activity offers. When the player tries an activity again, they will be able to access all of the modes inside of it.

Activities are apart of Go Vacations main progression. By playing one of the main activities, the player is given a Stamp, which is used to unlock other resorts. Activities also give the player Silver Keys, which are used to unlock 78/90 of the Villa decoration options.

Activities can also be played by selecting the option in the main menu. In the beginning, the player will only be able to select 4 activities. Once the player plays the activity in a resort, it will be selectable here.


When the player first starts the game, they will need to registrate. They must first select one of the 8 available slot, after which, they will need to select to use either a Mii, or an Avatar. After they have registered, they will be given the "Party Confirmation" screen, where they can add buddies (other register players who are currently not playing)/a dog, or remove them if they have been added. The player(s) will then be given the main menu.


Avatars are Go Vacation's customizable characters. They can be used if either the player doesn't want to use a Mii, doesn't have any Miis on their system, or is Playing as a Guest on the Switch version (which cannot use Miis). There are 8 Avatar options to choose from: Boy, Girl, Teen Boy, Teen Girl, Father, Mother, Grandpa and Grandma. Each option has 32 Avatars to choose from (except Grandma and Grandpa, which both only have 16), making a total of 224 Avatar options to choose from. Once the player has chosen an Avatar, they can then decide to set their weight and height, with their being 11 weight options and 9 height options. After selecting an Avatar, and setting their height (and the player is using a Guest on the Switch version), the player is prompted to name their Avatar, which can be changed at any time.


There are 9 dog breeds, each having 5 different colors to choose from. After the dog has been selected, the player can choose 9 overall sizes for the dog. Then the dog will be given a name, which can be changed at any time. A console can have a maximum of 8 dogs, which if the player wants more, they will have to delete a registered dog. Dogs the player has picked up in resorts will be placed into the "Dog Selection"


The player has the option to either explore Kawawii Island, or select the minigame specifically in the main menu. By exploring the island, the player is able to find Treasure Chests, do stunts, display their Outfit talk to people on the island, and find secrets. When starting the game, the player only has access to the Marine Resort, but by earning more stamps, more locations become unlocked to be explored. Players can either explore by foot, on the resort specific travel device (boat for the Marine and Mountain resorts, trolley carts for the City resort, and ski lifts for the Snow Resort, or on a resort specific piece of Gear.


  • Exploring is the only way to fill in the Animal Photo Book.
  • All Villa Ground activities must be done by going up to them in the resort itself
  • All Outfits (with the exception of Marine Resort outfits) can only be seen when exploring
    • Outfit options for each resort can only be changed by interacting with the Outfit person at the Help Center of each resort.

Console differences

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There are many differences between the two versions of Go Vacation released

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