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Hello there, PinkYoshiFan, and welcome to MiiWiki, a wiki on all things Mii! Please be sure to read our policies before editing. We also have a Discord server that you can join by clicking here. If you need any help, please contact one of the administrators.

Re: Regarding personality quirk uploads

Hello! I just wanted to follow up on what you said. 1 - I did take the pictures myself, they come directly from my SD card, but I'm going to be completely honest, I barely understand what you're asking me to do here.

2 - And yes!! I completely agree! I will do my best to get screenshots in English as soon as I can, I just did want to have a screenshot instead of nothing, I will do that asap

3 - Can I change file names?

4 - That file I was going to put on my User Page but I couldn't figure out how

also is this the appropriate area for discussion? i'm still kinda new here :v Comment added by Viniflame, please be sure to sign with ~~~~.

Yep, talk pages are the appropriate place for discussion of wiki matters, although if you have a discord account we have an optional wiki discord server. As for the specific points:
  1. Aboutfile is the template used for file information, which is what's there by default when you upload a file, and can be filled out by putting stuff after the equals sign. It's a bit complex, but the simple explanation is:
    • description - describes what's going on in the file
    • game/media - what game the picture is from, game should used if it's from a game listed in Template:Navbox-Games and media if not
    • modified - if the image was modified from the source
    • type/type2 - what type of file it is as one word (screenshot, artwork, audio, boxart, etc.)
    • source - The most important one, this is just where you got the image from. If it's something official like artwork or was gathered by another person online then it should just be the URL of where you found it. If you screenshotted/ripped it yourself, just put self.
    • license - Copyright related stuff that is only used in edge cases
  2. 👍
  3. You can change pages by clicking the move button at the top of the page.
  4. Putting a file on a userpage is the same as putting it on a normal page, although user files should have |type=user |user=yourname added to them, and you can only have up to 5.

PinkYoshiFan (talk) 15:27, 27 April 2023 (UTC)

Question about category pages

So when it comes to category pages that are only for pages/files that are completely out of MiiWiki's scope (e.g. a sub-category for Animal Crossing: New Leaf about images of badges, which have no relevance to Miis), is it okay to just tag the category for deletion just so long the tag also requests the associated pages/files to be deleted, or is it ideal to also tag all of the images in the category for deletion? The Jacketed Terrapin (talk) 19:58, 26 March 2024 (UTC)

It should be fine to just tag the category as a whole for deletion. ---PinkYoshiFan 20:47, 26 March 2024 (UTC)