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Language Name Meaning


Use this template to list official non-English names at the end of an article. Use the following format:

|code1=name in that language
|code1M=translation to English
|code1R=Romanization of the name (only for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Russian)
|code2=name in another language
|code2M=translation of that other language



Replace code with the language code as follows (variants of languages should only be used if they differ):

  • Japanese: ja
  • Chinese: zh
    • Traditional Chinese: zhTrad
    • Simplified Chinese: zhSimp
  • Dutch: nl
  • French: fr
    • Canadian French: frA
    • European French: frE
  • German: de
  • Italian: it
  • Korean: ko
  • Portuguese: pt
    • Brazillian Portuguese: ptA
    • European Portuguese: ptE
  • Russian: ru
  • Spanish: es
    • Latin American Spanish: esA
    • European Spanish: esE
  • Danish: da
  • Czech: cs
  • Finnish: fi
  • Hungarian: hu
  • Norwegian: no
  • Polish: pl
  • Swedish: sv