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This is my Sandbox. This is where I make drafts of pages.

Some Basics of My Sandbox.

Staff and anyone who ask can make Major edits

Anyone can make minor edits e.g. fixing typos.

Note: I spell in UK English since I live in Ireland. So words like colour is spelled with a U.

Guest Mii

Note: This is a draft

Guest Miis are types of miis that used in every Nintendo Console that has a Mii Maker. There are 6 guest mii's a, b, c, d, f and e. The first game that the guest miis appear in is Wii Sports.


In TV Show King 2 the guest mii's were given names. The names are; Buggy, Bee, Hubble, Nugget, Mango and Shigi. In Wii Fit/WFP deleting a mii from the mii maker whilst the Mii is used in a profile the mii will turn into a guest mii.