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... Sure is empty here !

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Hello there! My username is Ninchat, that's a pun in french between the word Nintendo and cat in France, "Chat". It may be kinda corny but I used it for many years so I still use it.

I currently have made 414 edits, and may makes some once I feel like it.

Why working on Wikipedia-like websites is hell for me

English isn't my primary language, I'm french and spend most of my time talking and writing in french, so I do my best to not makes grammar mistakes and other funky stuff but most of the time I cannot write without making mistakes.

To add to that, I am not very skilled with computer, and probably will never be, so I may broke templates when trying to use them.

I always was

Some stuff about myself

I was born in 2007, therefore I grew up playing Wii Sports and Wii Party for hours. I later got a Nintendo 2DS that I sadly broke a replaced a while ago.

I always was fascinated by the "Blue Ocean" era of Nintendo, and to this day, the Wii is still my favorite console, with the 3DS being a very close second.

...Yeah that's about it, I'm probably gonna spend the rest of my day doing stuff that are not productive at all, have a great day and take care of you !