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... Sure is empty here !

Hey there ! my username is Ninchat, that's a pun in french that I don't want to explain since it's funnier to see American confused about it!

I currently have made 19 edits.

Why working on Wikipedia-like websites is hell for me

English isn't my primary language, I'm french and spend most of my time talking and writing in french, but people here want to learn about Personal Trainer: Walking‏‎, not "Marche avec moi: Quel est ton rythme", so I do my best but often makes grammar mistakes and other funky stuff.

Oui Oui Baguette

Idk what to tell you more about myself, since probably nobody will read that in the first place.

I spend way too much money on Wii Shovelware trash because almost every game is like 5 bucks, Like to watch Youtube, mostly stuff like Scott the Woz, Caddicarus and other french folks like Joueur du Grenier or Feldup, in term of music, I either listen to Video games OST, Japanese stuff like anime opening (at the time you're reading this, I probably still hasn't finished more than 5 animes) and Vocaloid, or the stupidest song ever that are so bad that I listen to it without thinking about it, like Yuno Miles or the french mixtape named ZZCCMXTP.

...Yeah that's about it, I'm probably gonna spend the rest of my day doing stuff that aren't productive at all, see ya !