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This is a list of Nintendo Land's decorations.

Animal Crossing: Sweet Day

Image+Name Description
NL Candy.jpg
The tastiest and heaviest the world. Carrying just one of them around is hard enough--if you have five, you'll be sweating buckets! The cola-flavored one would be my favorite...if I could taste.
NL Candy Switch.jpg
Candy Switch
Standing on these switches mysteriously makes candy drop from trees. Why is it that they don't work when the guards stand on them? Just another Nintendo Land mystery...
NL Candy Tree.jpg
Candy Tree
This bizarre candy-bearing tree is planted not in soil, but sugar. We water it with honey three times a day to get the tastiest treats!
NL House.jpg
Everyone's peering out of their windows to see what all the fuss is about. Come on, people, it's festival day! Get out there and join the fun!
NL Totem Pole.jpg
Totem Pole
This is an island monument with an animal design. Looking at it inspires me to create my own totem pole out of my spare parts.

Balloon Trip Breeze

Image+Name Description
NL Balloon.jpg
It's just an ordinary balloon. I am trying my very best to resist the urge to pop it...
NL Balloon Bird.jpg
Balloon Bird
This flightless bird has to use balloons and propellers to stay aloft. You know, I would love to fly one day... Oh, I am flying. Well, never mind then. It's not all that exciting.
NL Balloon Breaker.jpg
Balloon Breaker
After closing time, the spikes retract for the safety of the park staff. Here's a helpful hint: you can actually smash the red ones. Give it a try!
NL Balloon Fish.jpg
Balloon Fish
This gigantic fish gulps down anything that comes near it, edible or not. With some skillful dodging you can get it to burp up a bubble, but I wouldn't risk it too often!
NL Buoy.jpg
Buoys bob on the water and tell you your distance from the last island. Do not attempt to rest on a buoy. They don't appreciate it, and neither will you when you fall off and sink.
NL Rest House.jpg
Rest House
Take shelter from the elements and rest your weary body at one of these island retreats. Seeing the light of the windows come into view after a long night's flight is a welcome sight.
NL Rest Island.jpg
Rest Island
The islands seem so ordinary from above that you'd never guess they look like this. The villagers up there are terrified of falling off.
NL Time Stopper.jpg
Time Stopper
This handy item allows you to temporarily freeze time. Just imagine all the crazy things you could do with an endless supply of these!

Captain Falcon's Twister Race

Image+Name Description
NL Air Duct.jpg
Air Duct
The turbulent currents beneath the track form whirlwinds. Please do not exit your vehicle to ride the whirlwinds--it is extremely dangerous. You will also get expectionally dizzy.
NL Battery Machine.jpg
Battery Machine
This unmanned vehicle is powered by a single AA battery. Even battery-operated cars get stuck in rush-hour traffic. It's a good thing traffic jams can't stop Captain Falcon!
NL Blue Falcon.jpg
Blue Falcon
This is a model of Captain Falcon's beloved racing machine from the F-Zero Grand Prix. It may run on clockwork, but it's still got some serious Falcon Punch under the hood.
NL Falcon Light.jpg
Falcon Light
These lights are emblazoned with Captain Falcon's insignia. Low-power LEDs light up the course for the safety of the drivers. You can now safely crash into unavoidable obstacles.
NL Neon Barricade.jpg
Neon Barricade
These large barricades are placed throughout the course. Supposedly, they are there for safety reasons, but mostly they just seem to be an annoyance.
NL Red Bomb.jpg
Red Bomb
Red Bombs are easily the most dangerous obstacle in the course. They explode on contact, immediately forcing you to pull out of the race.
NL Speed Spike.jpg
Speed Spike
These are scattered in groups throughout the course to slow you down. Thankfully, you have no tires to puncture.

Donkey Kong's Crash Course

Image+Name Description
NL Gear Crank (Left).jpg
Gear Crank (Left)
This handle turns smoothly thanks to revolutionary technology. Truly revolutionary. You know...because it rotates.
NL Gear Crank (Right).jpg
Gear Crank (Right)
It took three years of intensive research to develop a handle that runs this smoothly. In hindsight, it has become increasingly clear that the time could have been better spent.
NL Goal Flag.jpg
Goal Flag
It's all too easy to crash just before you pass the flag. Don't get careless!

Luigi's Ghost Mansion

Image+Name Description
NL Battery.jpg
This is a flashlight battery--the type that just pops into existence when you need it most. It's a strange yet convenient phenomenon, but I do wish they'd stop appearing so far away.
NL Flashlight.jpg
This special flashlight is specifically designed for ghost trackers. These things hardly last more than a few minutes, though. Shoddy product design, if you ask me.
NL Ghost Statue.jpg
Ghost Statue
In Luigi's Ghost Mansion, you can zap ghosts with light to drain them of their supernatural energy. That's just the magic of Nintendo Land. Obviously, real ghosts would laugh at such a pathetic attack.
NL Robotic Arm.jpg
Robotic Arm
The lab appears to be long abandoned, but these arms are still working hard at assembling something. Running for so long without malfunctioning is quite a feat. I wonder who designed them?
NL Suit of Armor.jpg
Suit of Armor
A poltergeist decided to settle down in this ancient set of armor. They say that when the park is closed, it saunters listlessly through the halls...
NL Super Light.jpg
Super Light
When you're in trouble, this high-powered battery will turn up to help you zap apparitions with ease. But why can't they appear before you're in a pinch?

Mario Chase

Image+Name Description
NL Balancing Bloopers.jpg
Balancing Bloopers
You can see these balancing Bloopers when you play Mario Chase with four or more players. We made a lot of Bloopers, but we decided not to show them all to save face (and ink)!
NL Bullet Bill.jpg
Bullet Bill
This is a giant mobile based on everyone's favorite giant bullet. Caution: watching it spin for too long may cause drowsiness and/or indescribably bizarre dreams!
NL Piranha Plant.jpg
Piranha Plant
Piranha Plants are by far the most common man-eating plant native to pipes. This pipe is connected to a secret underground facility. Or so the legend goes...
NL Toy Koopa Troopa.jpg
Toy Koopa Troopa
I'd say this Koopa Troopa is somewhat on the large side for a toy, but many humans seem to think that bigger is better. They've clearly never run into Bowser on a bad day.
NL Yoshi Cart.jpg
Yoshi Cart
The Yoshi Cart is highly versatile--its long tongue can be used to snap up fruit, strike enemies, do some light cleaning and mopping... Needless to say, it's a huge hit here at Nintendo Land.

Metroid Blast

Image+Name Description
NL Charge Bomb.jpg
Charge Bomb
Effective in ground combat, bombs detonate after approximately three seconds. They roll if they hit the ground, making them a little tricky to use. Just keep practicing...from a safe distance.
NL Chozo Statue.jpg
Chozo Statue
The highly advanced Chozo were once a great civilization, but this greatness cost them dearly and resulted in their ultimate demise...
NL Cyclon.jpg
Cyclons can expand outward to form a powerful tornado, but this exposes their weak spot. That means they're not afraid to show their sensitive side. I do like that in a robot.
NL Geemer.jpg
Geemers seem to crawl along harmlessly at first, but they'll spring at you if you get too close! Whatever you do, don't let them surround you. These lovable creatures can climb up walls too!
NL Gunship.jpg
This is Samus Aran's sleek and stylish mode of galactic travel. The controls take some getting used to, but believe me--once you start soaring through the sky, you'll be hooked!
NL Ice Charge Shot.jpg
Ice Charge Shot
This handy weapon freezes enemies on the spot. It also doubles as an excellent ice-cube maker in the summer. Almost as refreshing as a high-performance aluminum heat sink!
NL Kraid.jpg
This hulking monstrosity dwells in the depths of the planet Zebes. His skin is impenetrably thick, so try shooting into his mouth. You'll have to climb his towering body to reach his face!
NL Metroid.jpg
This genetically engineered life-form leeches energy from living things. Freeze it to expose its weak spots.
NL Missile.jpg
The Gunship's missiles have a huge blast radius, so they're very useful against players who like to hide. Just make sure you don't get caught in the blast yourself!
NL Morph Ball.jpg
Morph Ball
Samus's Power Suit can morph into a ball, letting the player squeeze through narrow passages and deploy bombs. You can't place bombs as a Morph Ball in Nintendo Land, but you'll still move like the real thing!
NL Rapid-Fire Helmet.jpg
Rapid-Fire Helmet
This is the highly advanced helmet of bounty hunter Samus Aran. Now with rapid-fire beam-shooting ability! (Exclusive to Nintendo Land. Only available while supplies last.)
NL Ridley.jpg
Violent, villainous, and highly intelligent, Ridley is Samus's nemesis, commander of the Space Pirates, and the galaxy's greatest threat. Attack him from the back when he's stunned.
NL Rocket.jpg
This enemy weapon leaves a trail of black smoke in its wake. Use your beam to destroy incoming rockets and reduce any potential damage.
NL Spike Bomb.jpg
Spike Bomb
Flying enemies scatter these nasty bombs from above. How they carry them is a complete mystery.
NL Target.jpg
Fire beams and bombs at targets. They move nice and smoothly, making them ideal for practice. You might win the entire game if you shoot them all. Sorry, that was completely untrue.
NL Zebesian.jpg
The Zebesians are a race of Space Pirates from the planet Zebes. Though the skill is unnecessary for everyday life, they can fire beams from their scissor-like appendages. Which is a plus.

Octopus Dance

Image+Name Description
NL Dancing Seaweed.jpg
Dancing Seaweed
This enthusiastic seaweed wriggles to the rhythm. It just can't kelp itself! Hah hah hah.
NL Dancing Submarine.jpg
Dancing Submarine
This observation submarine has a large display stuck on the front. The passengers on board have come to see...a dance show? In the middle of the ocean?
NL Instructor.jpg
The instructor spends day and night choreographing new dance routines. "Just follow my lead!" he says. If you ask me, he's overly optimistic about his new students' abilities.
NL Large Octopus.jpg
Large Octopus
This giant octopus is an infamous dance critic who is always judging other people's dancing skills. Don't slip up, or he'll carry you off into the deep!
NL Little Octopus.jpg
Little Octopus
This self-appointed performance director tries so hard to instruct his dancers properly that he sometimes spurts ink by accident. He insists that it's not ink--it's inspiration!

Pikmin Adventure

Image+Name Description
NL Abundant Mass.jpg
Abundant Mass
This distinctive work of modern art conveys a sense of weight and permanence. Also, these are scattered all over the place underground, so please don't stub your toe.
NL Angular Sapling.jpg
Angular Sapling
The fir tree is classified as an evergreen, long a symbol of vitality and eternal life. This one seems to be covered in snow, though. So much for the "ever green." Hah. Hah.
NL Bilious Bulborb.jpg
Bilious Bulborb
The different-sized spots suggest that these may not be a true subspecies of Bulborb at all. Or perhaps they're just normal Bulborbs feeling a little under the weather.
NL Blowhog.jpg
This unfriendly beast attacks by shooting needles from its mouth but mellows considerably after the initial assault. Still, a balloon with needles inside of it... That sounds like a dangerous combination!
NL Bombardier Beeb.jpg
Bombardier Beeb
This creature is equipped with a fuse and will detonate when approached. Whatever you do, don't go anywhere near it carrying something flammable. Or inflammable, for that matter.
NL Bulblord.jpg
With its sharp teeth and devastating roll attack, this is a foe to fear. I highly advise you to take caution if you don't want to get crushed into scrap metal!
NL Bulborb.jpg
These grub-dog predators tend to sleep during the day and attack aggressively if woken from a nap. Bulborbs come in a wide variety of colors--now on sale at our gift shop!
NL Bulborb Dropping.jpg
Bulborb Dropping
People eaten by a Bulborb are forced to wear this. It's the little details that make this attraction feel like a real Pikmin adventure!
NL Bulbous Sporehaven.jpg
Bulbous Sporehaven
Perplexing, isn't it? Nobody knows if it's vegetable or...something more sinister.
NL Carved Pikmin.jpg
Carved Pikmin
These curious sculptures almost seem to move by dim underground light. Some people even mistake them for Pikmin. Not me, of course.
NL Creepy Beeb.jpg
Creepy Beeb
Creepy Beebs are about the size of Olimar and move in packs. They're usually quite peaceful creatures, but their flexible legs and formidable charge attack help them when they feel threatened.
NL Draft Jumper.jpg
Draft Jumper
Drafts of air shoot up from these contraptions, propelling you to a new area. They're usually locked with a key, but don't worry--you'll probably find one.
NL Emperor Pinchipede.jpg
Emperor Pinchipede
This beast's segmented body has plenty of weak points, making it easy to target. However, it will hide them when it is upset. Just don't get too close to its snapping jaws.
NL Fronded Stump.jpg
Fronded Stump
Palm trees always evoke such a blissfully tropical mood... Well, at least that's what my databank says, anyway. This one doesn't have any fruit, so that's disappointing.
NL Fungiform Family.jpg
Fungiform Family
Just look at this bouquet of brightly colored toadstools. The big one must be the mother, while the little ones are the juveniles. Also, that could be completely incorrect.
NL Glacial Fungicap.jpg
Glacial Fungicap
This may look like a crystal, but it's actually a very rare and delicate mushroom, which melts away in all but the coldest storage conditions. It is unexpectedly soft to the touch, almost like jelly.
NL Greater Bladed Beeb.jpg
Greater Bladed Beeb
This alien insect is slow to wake but quick to anger. The adrenaline rush causes it to speed up and turn red with fury.
NL Hammer Seed.jpg
Hammer Seed
This item sprouts a hammer from a Pikmin's head. It doesn't look particularly heavy, but take one swing at the enemy and you'll see that it gets the job done.
NL Herbaceous Kettle.jpg
Herbaceous Kettle
I planted this seed in a metal enclosure instead of an ordinary pot. Why, you may or may not ask? Because I find it highly amusing, of course.
NL Hyperborean Verdant Silo.jpg
Hyperborean Verdant Silo
This neat little plant is in a snowman pot for the wintertime. It won't bloom, so I gave it a nose instead.
NL Jump Switch.jpg
Jump Switch
Gather everyone together on the switch, and you'll be catapulted through the air. Finally, an attraction where you don't have to wait in line!
NL King Beeb.jpg
King Beeb
This royal Beeb of all Beebs curls into a ball and rolls around. You'd think its eyes would get in the way when it rolls, but no, it just pulls them in.
NL Knuckle Seed.jpg
Knuckle Seed
This item makes a fist sprout from a Pikmin's head. There are no scissors or paper versions, unfortunately. Aim for the enemy and start pummeling!
NL Large-Mouth Wollywog.jpg
Large-Mouth Wollywog
The dreaded master of the swamp, this alien creature wields its tongue like a lead-plated yo-yo. It also has the ability to absorb great quantities of water to keep its skin nice and slimy.
NL Nectar.jpg
Nectar is a condensed, highly nutritional food source that has been scientifically proven to encourage a Pikmin's growth. Also, it looks delicious.
NL Rock.jpg
Pikmin are stronger than you think! Case in point: a single Pikmin can lift even this hefty rock. Just don't throw it carelessly, or you might end up flattening one of your teammates!
NL Sinuated Flora.jpg
Sinuated Flora
Can you identify this plant? No? It's a fern, of course. Oh, mass information storage does have its moments.
NL Spike Ball.jpg
Spike Ball
I thought that by adding spikes to this ball, I'd encourage you to run faster...
NL Spiral Timber.jpg
Spiral Timber
Tempting as it may be to find out what's up there, please refrain from climbing on this display. Park rules are very clear on this issue.
NL Striped Conifer.jpg
Striped Conifer
Once upon a time, a fair maiden awaited her sweetheart's return from battle. She pined and pined, and then kept pining, until she became a blue pine... Oh, it's a spruce. Never mind.
NL Telescoping Pumphog.jpg
Telescoping Pumphog
This creature compresses air in its bellows-shaped body and uses the pressure to shoot water or projectiles. I called them Huffy Puffers in my younger days. Oh, the quirks of a single-core processor.
NL The Ship.jpg
The Ship
This is the ship that Olimar piloted during his legendary employment at Hocotate Freight. This one doesn't actually speak, though, which is probably best for everyone.
NL Verging Bloom.jpg
Verging Bloom
This plant is brimming with potential. Apparently, the blue pot perfectly complements the flower, but we won't know until it blooms.
NL Whip Seed.jpg
Whip Seed
This item extends a Pikmin's stalk so it can be used as a whip, allowing long-range attacks. If Olimar picks it up, his Pikmin will explode with color when he throws them!

Takamaru's Ninja Castle

Image+Name Description
NL Bamboo Shoot.jpg
Bamboo Shoot
These shoots are said to grow a meter a day. Daily bamboo jumping is just one of the stepping-stones on the road to becoming a full-fledged ninja.
NL Candle.jpg
This candle flickers even in a perfectly still room. Candles tend to lend more ambience to a room than your average lightbulb. Nothing I can't simulate, though.
NL Clay Bomb.jpg
Clay Bomb
A clay ball packed with gunpowder, this powerful weapon is designed to explode on impact. There are critical times to use Clay Bombs. True ninjas will know when those times are.
NL Katana.jpg
Takamaru's weapon differs from the lowly ninja--the guard between the blade and grip is round. The ninja's basic square guard is a sign of inferior workmanship. Or so I like to pretend.
NL Murasame Mask.jpg
Murasame Mask
This mask's terrifying face is filled with the fury of a possessed beast. Put on a brave face if you want to come face-to-face with this face...and then make an even scarier face!
NL New Pot.jpg
New Pot
These pots aren't such easy targets, because they're so small, but highly skilled ninjas still manage to cram themselves inside somehow.
NL Ninja.jpg
Most people expect ninjas to wear black, but lately red, green, and a host of other colors have come into fashion. I have to admit, it's not the most practical style for their stealthy occupation...
NL Old Pot.jpg
Old Pot
Smash these worthless pots to your heart's content, but don't be surprised if a ninja pops out. I can never tell whether they're hiding in the pots or if they're just disguised as them...
NL Scroll.jpg
You can master incredible ninja techniques with this scroll...just by holding it. There's a perfectly rational explanation for this one. You don't read it with your eyes: you read it with your heart. Wait, this isn't rational at all...
NL Taiko Drum.jpg
Taiko Drum
The taiko drum introduces the start of every new scene. Repairing it afterward isn't easy, but the craftsman will always have it patched up good as new, time and time again.
NL Throwing Star.jpg
Throwing Star
The throwing star is an essential tool for any ninja. Nintendo Land throwing stars are unusually light, making them easy to carry and throw. It also helps with my amazing trick where I conjure them from nowhere.

The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest

Image+Name Description
NL Big Moblin.jpg
Big Moblin
These massive Moblins are three times the size of standard, garden variety Moblins, which is the cause of much envy among the Moblin community. When Big Moblins swing their clubs, they leave themselves open to counterattack.
NL Bird.jpg
Some believe that these odd birds developed round bodies from excessive rest. It's also possible that they merely ingested something spherical.
NL Bomb Stack.jpg
Bomb Stack
Esteemed visitors, please refrain from detonating explosives when your friends are nearby. But don't worry about these bombs--I'm mostly sure it's just a display unit.
NL Boulder.jpg
This explosives-filled boulder is made for rolling down slopes. I highly suggest you shoot it BEFORE it reaches you.
NL ChuChu.jpg
Despite looking soft and adorable, these creatures can deliver a nasty surprise. Chuchu jelly is medicinal, but don't get any brilliant ideas--Nintendo Land Chuchus are 100% jelly free.
NL Deku Tree.jpg
Deku Tree
This is a faithful re-creation of the great forest guardian, the Deku Tree. Are you feeling exhausted? How would you like to take back and take a rest under the canopy of the Deku Tree? No, that wouldn't be terrifying at all.
NL Eye Switch.jpg
Eye Switch
This eye stares unnervingly until you hit it and trigger the switch mechanism. But sometimes I can't really tell if it's done anything. Maybe it should spend less time leering and intimidating and more time being productive.
NL Ganon.jpg
This evil lord supposedly possesses the Triforce. Just when you expect him to attack from afar...SURPRISE! He's right beside you. Which isn't nice at all.
NL Goron.jpg
This magnificent statue is modeled after the Gorons, a hardy race said to live in rocky, mountainous regions. I'm sure they excel at bowling.
NL Grassland Tree.jpg
Grassland Tree
These trees are said to have graced the skyline of Hyrule. I'm no botanist, but I must say...that is one handsome tree.
NL Hero's Bow.jpg
Hero's Bow
This bow can be used to take down enemies from a great distance. It shines brightly when charged. You'll feel like the hero of Hyrule with this in your hands. Trust me, I know.
NL Jar.jpg
This is a jar. It is entirely unremarkable in every way. Those familiar with The Legend of Zelda series should know that they exist solely for one purpose: to be smashed!
NL Kargorok.jpg
These oversensitive birds can be calmly gliding one moment, then furiously dive-bombing you the next. These creatures can deflate a balloon faster than I can deflate a joke.
NL Keese.jpg
Keese are bat-like monsters usually found in dark places. If you get close, they will head right for you and then fly off somewhere. How rude!
NL Master Sword.jpg
Master Sword
This legendary sword is imbued with awe-inspiring magical power and can only be wielded by the righteous. That means if you've been very naughty, you probably won't be able to use it.
NL Moblin.jpg
This common, generally unfriendly enemy is found on the plains and in forests. When you happen upon a group of them brandishing their clubs and they turn and look at's pretty scary.
NL Quick Moblin.jpg
Quick Moblin
This speedster is famed for the speed of its attack. They seem to be quite proud of their athletic physiques. Perhaps they should stop menacing travelers and channel their energy into careers in professional athletics.
NL Rupee.jpg
Enemies drop these beautiful gemstones. Their color seems to determine their worth, but I can't understand why nobody wants the green ones.
NL Skull.jpg
This is an ancient, bleached skull. I don't know who this belonged to, but the probability of it belonging to one of my ancestors is...definitely zero. Sometimes I'm grateful for being 100% boneless.
NL Skulltula.jpg
This creature's back is so hard, it could withstand an elephant stomp. But with such a soft underbelly, you surely know what to do.
NL Stalfos.jpg
These monsters are made of nothing but bones. Sometimes it seems like they vanish into the ground and warp through the earth. Did I mention that bones are scary?
NL Switch.jpg
Made with a state-of-the-art, space-age glass material, these switches can withstand just about anything. It does make a robot girl wonder, though--since when do switches get all the high-tech glass?
NL Tektite.jpg
Tektites are equipped with gyrosensors to prevent them from getting dizzy. Don't even bother attacking their hard outer shells--try to slice through gaps or shoot straight for the eye. Oh dear... That sounded a little harsh, didn't it?
NL Triforce.jpg
This sacred set of three equilateral triangles represents power, wisdom, and courage. Some adventurers once got confused and retrieved the legendary "Triumph Forks." Oh, how I laughed!
NL Wizzrobe.jpg
These magical foes attack from afar. They've only got one trick up their loosely hanging sleeves, and that's...well, magic!

Yoshi's Fruit Cart

Image+Name Description
NL Apple.jpg
I have fond memories of my grandmother coming to bring me a basket of apples. Funny, I don't remember eating them...
NL Bananas.jpg
Here's a tongue twister for you: banana banana banana banana banana banana. Devious, isn't it?
NL Bee.jpg
These bees are serious predators, armed with stingers both at the rear and the mouth. Oh dear... I see that steely look in its eyes. It's after me!
NL Egg.jpg
Oddly enough, these eggs follow the Yoshi Cart on their own--no coercion required. This is good, because I'm not sure how one would go about trying to reason with an egg.
NL Goal Gate.jpg
Goal Gate
These gates are opened only by gobbling up all the fruit. Rumor has it there are secret gates that take you to distant, far-off stages...
NL Grapes.jpg
You can squeeze grapes for juice, get oil from the seeds, or even eat them raw. Isn't that astonishing? That makes grapes a prime candidate for most well-rounded player of the fruit world.
NL Melon.jpg
Apparently, if you've never scooped into half a melon with a spoon, you haven't lived. But they only come as a whole around here at Nintendo Land, so I suppose I don't qualify as a living entity yet.
NL Number Flag.jpg
Number Flag
You'll find these flags sticking out of various pieces of fruit. Forcing people to eat fruit in a certain order is unethical. I think I'll lodge a formal myself.
NL Orange.jpg
When I think of oranges, I think of one thing: marmalade. This might be odd, considering I lack taste-processing hardware.
NL Peach.jpg
This peach's skin looks fluffy, but don't rub it against your face, because it hurts! I don't fully understand nonrobotic life-forms, but I assume the first thing you do with a piece of ripe fruit is rub it on your face.
NL Pear.jpg
Pare a pair of pears to get a pair of pared pears. My search function tells me this is a good recipe for fruit salad...
NL Present.jpg
This is your reward for doing such a good job. As for what's inside... Well, you'll have to wait and see!
NL Spike.jpg
This trap can be levered in and out of the ground. The cart may not be able to feel pain, but stepping on one of these will certainly damage it.
NL Strawberry.jpg
The name "strawberry" is among the least appealing names known to all fruitkind, and yet it is among the most delicious. It is one of life's tastiest mysteries.
NL Watermelon.jpg
This perfectly succulent and juicy treat hits the spot on a hot summer day. Be sure to leave it on a flat surface, though, or you'll end up with a runaway-watermelon situation.


Image+Name Description
NL Grand Prize.jpg
Grand Prize
This final prize is granted only to those accomplished enough to get all other prizes. The very fact that you're reading this can mean only one thing: you got all of the prizes. As you can see, my logic processing is unparalleled.
NL Heart.jpg
This is always a source of relief when it finally appears. I heartily recommend this statue as a romantic meeting point if you're planning a date here at the park!
NL Jukebox.jpg
Touch a button to play a song. Touch it again to stop. You'll unlock more songs as you play, so come back often!
NL Question Mark.jpg
Question Mark
This has always been a symbol of mystery. My processing on the matter only results in confusion. Who am I? What is happening? Why is butterscotch?