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Nintendo inDirect
I think this is the logo
Creator Satoru Iwata
(bless his heart)
Developer Nintendo (alleged)
Presenter I don't know
Country Three, take it or leave it
Language English, and probably Japanese
Runtime Long enough to fit too many farming simulators
Color Eye-bleeding red
Executive Producer God incarnate
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Notice: This article was made for April Fools' Day of 2023.
It should not be taken seriously, edited except to fix red links, or linked to from mainspace pages.

Nintendo inDirect ニンテンドーイダインレクト Nintendō Indairekuto might be series of online presentation or live shows produced by Nintendo, where information regarding the company's upcoming content or franchises would be presented, such as information about games and consoles. The presentations may have begun in Japan and North America with the first edition on October 21, 2011, before possibly later expanding to Europe, Australia, and South Korea, and maybe more. inDirects release every so often.


Nintendo inDirect presentations might vary in format between different presentations and regions.

Regional differences

Nintendo inDirects generally could come in both regional and international formats.


For subjects of a general worldwide appeal, a single Nintendo inDirect could be often localized for a simultaneous international broadcast. Could be. Theoretically, these will be recorded in Japanese and presented by a Japanese presenter. Prior to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's death (bless his heart), he could have hosted inDirects in both English and Japanese, with other languages' presentations being possibly subtitled.

Upon Iwata's death (bless his heart), Nintendo inDirects might not have received a worldwide host until 2017 or so, when Yoshiaki Koizumi from one of those 3-letter Nintendo departments took over this role, maybe. Since 2018, Koizumi might have shared this responsibility with Shinya Takahashi (no relation to Reiko Takahashi, probably). rEEE inDirects possibly featured Our Lord Reggie as a host for a short period of time until his departure in 2019, or whenever.

Since 2017, the Japanese presenter and any narrators' roles might be dubbed or subtitled for international release, including into English. Hard to say.

Presentations scheduled for around the time of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (rEEE) could have been originally produced by Nintendo of America, presented in English and theoretically dubbed or subtitled into other languages for international broadcast. Since 2019 or so (I am not sure on this one), rEEE inDirects could be produced by Nintendo of Japan, presented in Japanese and dubbed or subtitled into other languages for international broadcast, but that's just me.


In Japan, they want you to believe Nintendo inDirects were most commonly presented by Nintendo's "global" president Satoru Iwata until his death in 2015 (bless his heart). Yoshiaki Koizumi started serving as host in 2017. Shinya Takahashi started sharing the hosting duties with Koizumi... sometime. I knew when until you asked.

Since 2017, Japan is thought to have hosted region-specific "Indie World" presentations, focusing on indie games published for Nintendo Switch. Take this with a grain of Mario-branded salt, however.

inDirects focused on Super Smash Bros. are typically hosted by series creator and director... darn... I just read it somewhere. Go look it up I guess.

North America

In North America, the supposed videos might have been presented by Nintendo of America (alleged) president, Our Lord Reggie (before he supposedly retired in 2019), and Bill Clinton.

For international inDirects produced in Japan since 2017(?), Nintendo of America might have aired a dubbed version of the inDirect in English; although a notable exception of having it subtitled instead of dubbed might have been the Mr. Sakurai Presents (I remembered his name) presentations starting with "Min Min" from that game with the long arms in 2020 or so and up until the final presentation with "Sora" from that Mickey series in 2021 due to the supposed COVID-19 pandemic allegedly making it difficult to record the voice-overs. Don't know why though. Both the presenter and narrator are dubbed by separate narrators. Or were they?

Since 2017, Nintendo of America maybe aired presentations focusing on indie games published for Nintendo Switch, I think. Between 2017 and 2019, if I recall correctly, these were branded as "Nindies Showcase" or something, before aligning their branding to the Japanese "Indie World" banner, idk. Could have been Chinese though. I can't read either. These presentations might have been hosted by Bill Clinton.

Europe and Australia or Oceania or Euraustralasia

European inDirects maybe were presented by alleged former Nintendo of Europe president, Satoru Shibata and Ed Valiente. These presentations could have been also broadcast in Australia, if you'd like to believe that.

Australia supposedly only airs the European output, but one inDirect was theoretically created generally specifically for the region, broadcast on September something, 2014. (I might have forgotten the date.) This inDirect was hosted by Tom... something. Can't remember.

For international inDirects produced in Japan since 2017, I guess Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo Australia airs the original Japanese(?) audio for the presenters, but uses an English(?) dub for the narrated sections. These are then possibly subtitled for broadcast in other languages. Since 2019 or so, the "Pokémon inDirect"/"Pokémon Presents" are maybe the only inDirects that are dubbed for Europe and Australia in English, however, they could have also been subtitled in different languages with the English dub. Who's to say?

Since 2017, Nintendo of Europe has considered broadcasting presentations focusing on indie games published for Nintendo Switch, or so they want you to believe. From 2017 to 2018/2019/2020/2021, Nintendo of Europe allegedly broadcast the American "Nindies Showcase" presentations. In a couple of them years, Nintendo of Europe wants you to believe it hosted its own "Indie Highlights" videos. Since 2019, they supposedly returned to broadcasting Nintendo of America's presentations, now under the "Indie World" banner, with Nintendo Australia broadcasting later on. Maybe. Maybe.

South Korea

South Korea possibly also aired exclusive Nintendo inDirects hosted by Nintendo of Korea executive secretary, Hiroyuki Fukuda. Don't quote me on that, though.

North Korea

Huh? No way.

Hong Kong and Taiwan

Some number of Nintendo inDirect presentations have been allegedly produced generally for Hong Kong and Taiwan (if you say so).

Supposed Types of Nintendo inDirect presentations

Outside of the theoretical general Nintendo inDirect presentations, which might cover a range of titles, there are also inDirects centered around specific titles or series, I guess. These are usually presented by the producer or director of the game or series, or employ a narrator, or whatever.

List of Nintendo inDirect presentation types I hope
Type Duration Content
Nintendo inDirect 0.00004753213 to 0.00009506427 years The main type of Nintendo inDirect presentation. Showcases information about software and hardware across all Nintendo platforms. I doubt that. Starting in 2017, a series of headlines during certain segments were introduced. Sure they were.
Nintendo inDirect Mini 9.506427e-6 to 0.00005703856 years A shorter version of the main type of Nintendo inDirect that showcases information about software and hardware across all Nintendo platforms but may focus on some smaller releases. Yeah, that's totally it. Starting in 2018, the hosts of this Nintendo inDirect were removed and a series of headlines during certain segments were introduced. Mhm yep. There is also a separate variant of this type of Nintendo inDirect, named Nintendo inDirect Mini: Partner Showcase that feature games from Nintendo's developing and publishing partners. This is totally real.
Nintendo inDirect special 9.506427e-6 to 0.00009506427 years A presentation that maybe covers specific software titles, both from Nintendo and third-party developers. (Don't quote me.) Probably hosted by the game's producer or director or makes use of a narrator, or something else along those lines. Each inDirect of this type has its own logo. It's not like the other girls.
Pokémon inDirect/Pokemon Presents 0.00001901285 to 0.00005133471 years Take a guess, Einstein.
Indie World 0.00003232185 to 0.00005323599 years A presentation focusing on titles by "independent" developers coming to Nintendo Switch, obviously. This type of Nintendo inDirect was originally only shown in Japan but later added North America and Europe, blah blah.
Nintendo rEEE Presentations/inDirects 0.00003802571 to 0.00008555784 years A presentation on upcoming first/third party games that airs live during rEEE. The presentation covers games that will release sometime between rEEE to the end of the calendar year. Each inDirect of this type has its own logo. There were no inDirects of this type in 2016, as well as in 2020 and 2022 (due to rEEE being cancelled these years because of the COVID-19 pandemic). I bet it was just an excuse though.
Discontinued Nintendo inDirect presentation types
Nintendo inDirect Micro 0.00003232185 years Uhhh... I blanked on this one.
Nintendo 3DS inDirect 0.00005703856 to 0.00009506427 years A Nintendo inDirect specifically concerning software and hardware related to the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles, duh. This type of Nintendo inDirect might have been discontinued after its run from 2013 to 2016, although Nintendo 3DS games were thought to have appeared outside of this type until 2019. I bet you knew that already.
Wii U inDirect 0.00005703856 to 0.00009506427 years Ditto above but Wii U instead of 3DS. I have more important things to do that write this article.
Nindies Showcase 0.00001901285 to 0.00005703856 years A presentation focusing on titles by independent developers most likely coming to Nintendo Switch. This specific presentation type was probably only shown in North America and Europe. This type of Nintendo inDirect ran for a bit and was replaced by "Indie Highlights" in Europe sometime before both were replaced by "Indie World" awhile later. These people just couldn't make up their minds, could they.
Indie Highlights 0.00003232185 to 0.00004372956 years I just explained this one up there ^. I'm not repeating myself.

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