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Have an image of InfoBox? Why not upload it?

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This is the base Infobox template, used by other templates to create other infoboxes more easily. It's not recommended to use this template on an article; use a template like Infobox-Game instead.
Parameter Description Default
title Title of the subject {{PAGENAME}}
image Image of the infobox If not set, it will default to Needed.png
caption Caption of the image (Filled values will not appear if image is unset) None if image is set, link to upload page if image is unset
Info*name Name of the field. The asterisk represents a number from 1-9 None
Info*details Information related to Info*name. The asterisk represents a number from 1-9 If not set, the entire row (with Info*name) will not be displayed
Infomore A space that allows the creation of more rows. This is useful for content that will appear on a specific template and nowhere else None
template Name of the template (to show on "This bow: view, talk, edit") InfoBox
gradient The background gradient. It's recommended to use lighter colors (or just don't change this at all) #fff,#d2e4ea
border Color of the borders red
shadow The shadow around the infobox Same value as border
headergradient Gradient on the small panel with the title #fff + same value as border
headercolor Text color of the title #000
thbackground Background of the header-cells on the table. Same value as border
thtext Text color of the header-cells on the table. #fff
tdbackground Background of the normal cells on the table. rgba(0,0,0,.1)
style Additional CSS styling for the infobox panel (specifically, the major-parent div) None
style2 Additional CSS styling for the panel with the title None

Heads up!

For easier reading and better maintainability of the template, the table uses the default HTML syntax (<table><tr><td>...) instead of the MediaWiki markup, so when using the parameter Infomore, do it like this:

|Infomore =
<th style="background: ...">Something 1</th>
<td style="background: ...">Else 1</th>
<th style="background: ...">Something 2</th>
<td style="background: ...">Else 2</th>