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This template is an altered version of Template:File taken from Wars Wiki.


|description=A brief summary describing the file's contents.
|game=The game the file belongs to, if it does. This will automatically link and categorize the file for the game added.
|media=For any files not belonging to a game, or that should not have an automatic link generated, use this parameter instead of game=.
|modified=Any significant changes made to images should be optionally listed here.
|type=The type of file in the image. The available types are the following:
Adding this parameter will automatically categorize the file with its type, as well as automatically generate the license= parameter.
|type2=Optional, for images with more than one type.
|source=The source of the image. For images captured/created by yourself, enter "self" instead.
|license=If the type= parameter is filled, this parameter does not need filled out. This should be reserved for special cases like Creative Commons or Public Domain files.

user and fanart should only be used on personal files (and always in the case of user).