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Hello there!

This is Mii

I am an editor at WiKirby but right now, I'm focusing more on the development of MiiWiki.

About Mii
I am a long time Kirby, Mario, and Pokemon fan.
My first console was the Wii followed by the DS.
My goal here on MiiWiki is to help.
My goal here is not to toss everyone into Wuhu Volcano. Hehe...
I'm a Nintendo ONLY fan. PS and Xbox are going DOWN!
About my Miitopia savefile and other Mii related things
My Mii making specialty are goats... so... I'll one day get to show you some of my first.
My team members are: Quagsire, Shiny Quagsire, a goat named Goat Goat, a goat named Miss Goat, me, and my family.
I have Tomodachi Life but I don't have much interest anymore.
This is the end of my Userpage.