Spot the Sneak

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Spot the Sneak

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First game Wii Party
Latest game Wii Party U
Number of players 2-4
Peripherals needed None
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One player gets a secret advantage in each minigames. Sneaky! Use the rumble feature of the Wii Remotes.
— In-game description

Spot the Sneak is a game mode in Wii Party and Wii Party U, and is the only game mode to appear in both. It is also the only game mode that must be unlocked by playing all 4-player minigames.


The game has multiple rounds, in each of which has one player (the "sneak") has a secret advantage in a minigame. After playing the minigame, the other players must guess who had the advantage. Points are awarded based on minigame performance and correctly guessing who the sneak is. 40 points for first place, 30 points for second place, 20 points for third, and 10 points for fourth.

If players guess correctly, then 10 points are taken from the sneak and given to each player who guessed correctly. If players guess incorrectly, the sneak takes 10 points from each player who guessed incorrectly.

Whoever has the most points after all the rounds have finished wins the game.