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Use by typing {{Button|system name|button name|hover/screen reader text (defaults to just the button's name)}} (case insensitive).

Systems and buttons

A button image indicates that that button is on that system. A check mark means that the system has that button, but the wiki does not have an image for that button yet. An x means that that system does not have that button.

System Wii 3DS Wii U Switch
A a a a a
B b b b b
X x x x
Y y y y
L L l l
R r r R
D-pad d-pad d-pad d-pad d-pad
Start start start start start
Select select select select select
Touch touch touch
Microphone microphone
Z z
C c
Control stick control stick control stick control stick control stick
Tilt tilt
Right stick right stick Right stick
ZL zl zl
ZR zr ZR
SL sl
SR sr
HOME home home home home
1 1
2 2


  • For DS games, use the corresponding 3DS button.
  • For 3DS games,Right stick, ZL, and ZR are only present on New 3DS models.
  • Wii U games that use a Wii Remote still use Wii as the system name.