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WaraWara Plaza online
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WaraWara Plaza is the system menu of the Wii U. When the system is turned on, all users Miis would drop from the sky into the center of the plaza (being differentiated by their red pants), with Miis from Miiverse communities running into the plaza under their associated games icon.


Miiverse Miis were Miis that had comments/art about their community, and would randomly show them out loud to appear as a big speech bubble. Miis could be copied onto the Users Mii Maker, if the Mii had copying on. If the user being currently used had Friends added, and they had a Miiverse comment, then they would appear closer to the center (being differentiated with orange pants). Sometimes, a Special Mii would show up under a community (being differentiated by gold pants) and have a gold speech bubble.

If the console was not connected to the Internet, then pre-made Mii's would show up under icons for built in apps, like the Wii Menu, Parental Controls, Settings, etc., and show a pre-written comment/drawing with information about the app. Online applications would inform the user to connect to the internet and use a Nintendo Network ID. Miis under these icons could not be saved. With the discontinuation of Miiverse, these Miis are now the only Miis to show up when turned on (with the exception of User Miis, which also show up).


  • If it is the users birthday, that users Mii would be surrounded by all other users Miis clapping for them, with a birthday opening of the Plaza's music playing.
  • The WaraWara Plaza is the second of only two instances of base Miis (Miis not changed for a game) having orange pants, with the first instance being in the Check Mii Out Channel
  • If a Mii has made a post for a community that doesn't exist/is not official, their post will be assigned to the Nintendo TVii Community
  • The theme used for the WaraWara Plaza will get quieter when there is no activity from the user for a while. If the user inputs an input on a controller, the music will go back to being lively again.
  • User Miis will do random things in the Plaza, some of them being:
    • Displaying software that they have been playing a lot recently
    • Walking around
    • Talking to other Miis
    • Scratching their head
    • Laying down
    • Looking around
    • Sitting down
    • Sitting with their legs out
  • When starting WaraWara Plaza, the User Mii(s) can do different animations
  • A offline community was changed in a system update for North American Wii Us. The change being: The Nintendo TVii community being replaced with the Parental Controls community. Japan Wii U's, however, kept the community, and PAL Wii U's never had the community.[1]
  • A Pre-Made Mii had his gender changed from beta to finalization. [2]
  • One Pre-Made Mii does not show up on PAL Miis. The most likely reason being because of laws against pressuring kids into purchasing things.[3]
  • Other user Miis do not have the option to "Go to Miiverse", instead only having the option to "Go to Profile"
  • If a Mii has already been saved to the console, and "Save This Mii" is selected, the user is shown a screen saying "This Mii has already been saved"
  • WaraWara Plaza can be switched from the TV to the Gamepad by clicking the option with a Wii Remote/Stylus, or by pressing 2
  • Miis with comments will do different animations when selected


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