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Check Mii Out Channel

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Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Input(s) Wii Remote
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The Check Mii Out Channel (Mii Contest Channel in Europe and Oceania), was a downloadable channel from the Wii Shop Channel focusing on posting and downloading Miis, and was launched November 12, 2007 worldwide. It allowed the user to upload and download Miis, whether it be in the Posting Plaza, or the Contest page. This channel, along with the Everybody Votes Channel and Wii Speak Channel were discontinued when WiiConnect24 shut down on June 27, 2013.


An image of the channel's main menu.

The Check Mii Out Channel was a free channel downloadable on the Wii. The channel would allow users to Upload their Miis to the world, and download Miis that other users had made. Users could favorite Miis to mark them, and users who had many many of their uploaded Miis favorited would be labelled "Master Artisan"s.

Users could also participate in "Contest", where users would upload a Mii that matched the theme. Other users could then select the three Miis they saw that best matched the theme, with the more times a Mii being selected raising its chance of winning. After some time, users could see how the Mii they posted and/or the Miis they voted on, and see how they did in the contest.

Posting Plaza

An image of the "Posting Plaza" displaying popular characters

The Posting Plaza allowed users to upload and download Miis from users all around the world. Users could select to see Popular Miis (Miis that had lots of Favorites), The Top 50 Miis (The top 50 liked Miis of all time), Grab Bag Miis (Miis recently posted without likes) and Miis that they had favorited. Users could also look at the Miis that they themselves had posted, and look up Miis by using certain criteria, or by using a specific Miis entry number.


"Contest" allowed the user to participate in Contests. Users would make a Mii around a given prompt, which would then be voted on by users, and the Top 50 most voted on Miis would appear. There were a wide variety of contest, with some of them being based off Nintendo Characters. [1]

Users would select a Mii from their Mii Plaza that best fit the theme to submit. If they didn't have a Mii that matched the theme, they could select to make a new one, which would redirect them to the Wii Menu.

After some time, the submission period would end, and the Voting period would begin.

When Voting time began, users would be given 10 random Miis that had been submitted. Users would select the 3 Miis that best matched the theme. If there were not enough matching Miis, players could re-roll to see more Miis, however, any Mii selected would stay. Once 3 Miis had been selected, the users vote would be submitted. During the voting period, the user could change their vote as many times as they wanted.

Once the voting period ended, the results would be shown. If the user submitted a Mii and/or voted on Miis, first it would show the submitted Mii/Voted on Miis climbing up a mountain, with their ending height representing the placement they reached. After the Miis placings were shown, the Mii that came in first would be shown, followed by the other Miis that came in the Top 50.

Mii Plaza

A gif of a Mii being Posted in the Check Mii Out Channel.

The Mii Plaza was the user's way of accessing their Miis. All Miis in the users Mii Channel would show up here, and users would be able to select a Mii to post, whether it be to the Posting Plaza, or to Contest, or to use as their Mii Artisan. If a Mii was being posted to the Posting Plaza, then users would input the Miis initials, select a skill, then decide whether to post the Mii or not. When "Yes" was selected, a Mii would divide into two Miis, the copy would launch off into the sky, and the Mii's entry number would be displayed.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Miiコンテストチャンネル
Mī Kontesuto Channeru