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The Wii Party series is a Wii series and is, just like the Wii Play series, currently only made of two games, making it tied with it as the smallest Wii series.

The series started in 2010 with the release of Wii Play on the Wii, a party game with various modes hosted by Party Phil. A sequel to Wii Party was released on the Wii's successor, being the Wii U, titled Wii Party U in 2013, still hosted by Party Phil yet now being helped by his sister named Party Penny.

The Wii Party series, as well as most of the other Wii series as a whole, is often considered to be one of the more well-known Mii-related series, having most of the minigames staring the player's Mii in it doing various activities changing from one minigame to another.

List of Games

Games in the Wii Party series  
Game(s) cover(s) Console Description
WPa boxart.jpg
Wii Party
Wii A party game released for the Wii with multiple game mode, some being somewhat similar to Mario Party and other being created specifically for the game. Thought not always being the case, the game sometimes was bundled with a Wii Remote.
WPaU boxart.jpg
Wii Party U
Wii U The direct sequel to Wii Party, with almost entirely new (mini)games. Just like Wii Party, it was sometimes bundled with a Wii Remote. Some bundles also had a stand to lift up the Wii U GamePad