Arcade Bunny

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Arcade Bunny
NBA Arcade Bunny Art.png
Artwork of the Arcade Bunny from Nintendo Badge Arcade.
First appearance Nintendo Badge Arcade
Latest appearance Jump Rope Challenge
Other appearances Swapdoodle
Super Mario Maker
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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The Arcade Bunny is the host and mascot of Nintendo Badge Arcade. He is a Mii-like rabbit who works at the titular arcade, greeting the player with each visit and giving tutorials. He is jovial and very expressive, with a great interest in video games, and often spoke about new Nintendo titles as badge collections were released. He is a friend of Nikki's, which is also stated in Swapdoodle.

Other appearances

Super Mario Maker

The Arcade Bunny appears as costume for use with the Mystery Mushroom, unlockable by completing the "Nintendo Badge Arcade" Event Course. The course's description is written from his perspective, describing that the arcade has been turned into a Mario course. The costume's jump sound is taken from when he pops up onto the screen in his original game, and pressing up on the control pad makes him turn muscular with a deep voice clip, referencing one of his signature expressions. The theme for clearing a course in this costume is his game's jingle on the HOME Menu.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Arcade Bunny appears as a new Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. When summoned, a large version of the claw featured in various Badge Catchers appears from the top of the stage, attempting to grab opponents and carry them over the blast zone. His animations during his assist are recreated from his original game, reacting to successful KOs and opponents breaking free from the claw. After the claw's 3 attempts to capture opponents are finished, he will disappear. Additionally, an Arcade Bunny Hat is unlockable for Mii Fighters to wear, and the Arcade Bunny's Theme appears as a music track.

Jump Rope Challenge

In an update to Jump Rope Challenge, costumes for the rabbit avatar based on various Nintendo characters were added, including the Arcade Bunny.[1] His costume is notably the only one that changes the rabbit's fur, to his pink and beige pattern.



  • The Arcade Bunny's Japanese name is バイト, or Baito, meaning "part-timer."
  • Nintendo Badge Arcade's files include writing from the Arcade Bunny for the game's end of service, framed as the arcade closing. In this dialogue, he says that he will still be able to help with other features, despite the Badge Catchers not being playable.[2]


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