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SD Nikki artwork no BG.png
SN Nikki Mii.png
First appearance Swapnote
Last appearance Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Other appearances StreetPass Mii Plaza
Nikki no Tabisuru Quiz
Nintendo Badge Arcade
Super Mario Maker
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Nikki is a character that first appeared in Swapnote as a guide for the user, as well as its successor, Swapdoodle. Nikki has since appeared in multiple other games made by Nintendo released on the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U, as well as Nintendo's social platform such as Miiverse. Although she initially appeared exclusively as a Mii, an illustrated design of her was later introduced and widely more used than its Mii one. Friends of hers include the Feline Friend, the Panda Pal, Dollo, a dog who taught her how to draw in her youth, the Arcade Bunny, and the Miis who served as mascots for Miiverse.

Game & Software Appearances


Nikki's first and most major appearance is in Swapnote. In this 3DS application , she is tasked to instruct players on how to use the various features in Swapnote. After the presentation, players can choose weather or not they would like to receive notes from her in the future. If players selected Yes, Nikki would continue to send notes to the player giving them updates on upcoming Nintendo news, as well as simply sending notes wishing them a good day, or sending words of encouragement.

After Swapnote had its online feature removed, Nikki sent a farewell note saying she was going away for a while. She wished the player luck, and then would leave.

Nikki no Tabisuru Quiz

As the name of the game implies, Nikki no Tabisuru Quiz (translated as Nikki's Travel Quiz) was a Club Nintendo game exclusive to japan that had Nikki as the main protagonist, once again helped by the Feline Friend and the Panda Pal.

In this game, players travels to different parts of Japan with Nikki questioning the players on certain locations, buildings, and peoples from said location. the Panda Pal is capable of giving players hints if they are struggling to answer certain questions. Nikki will often times dressed up in different outfits, such as a sailor uniform, or a kimono, when talking about a particular subject or while visiting a specific region in japan.


Swapdoodle, being a successor of Swapnote, had Nikki in a similar role as in is predecessor. In this game, she sends the first letter received by the player, saying that it's been a while since they last met. Nintendo Badge Arcade

StreetPass Mii Plaza

Nikki's Mii was distributed through StreetPass Mii Plaza, where she would appears in the player's plaza after downloading Swapnote from Nintendo eShop.

Super Mario Maker

Nikki appears as one of many unlockable costumes for use with the Mystery Mushroom, using sounds and music from Swapnote.

Nintendo Badge Arcade

In Nintendo Badge Arcade, many Swapnote-themed badges were released in the "Nikki & Friends" series, often including original artwork. When this series was introduced in December of 2015, a scenario played out where the Arcade Bunny showed the player a crude self portrait he was drawing as a present for a friend of his, revealed to be Nikki. When the Arcade Bunny answers the door, he receives a letter from Nikki stating she's knitting him a holiday sweater, shown to the player as a photo taken in AR Games through Mii Pics, and written on with Swapnote.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nikki appears as an Assist Trophy. After being summoned, she appears in the bottom-left corner of the screen, similarly to in her home series, and begins drawing. Her drawings are mostly hazards for her summoner's opponents, such as a fire-breathing monster or a Bullet Bill, but she can also draw a functioning Smash Ball (whenever or not that is turned off).

Official Nintendo Website

Nikki, alongside with her friends, appear in various article on the Nintendo News website to serve as illustrations.



  • Nikki's birthday is December 21st, the date on which Swapnote released in Japan.
  • The official Nikki's Mii ID is 91-D1-1A-7A.
    • According to her Mii ID, Nikki was created on December 7, 2011 at 01:53:56 PM.
  • Nikki is referenced in the WayForward game Shantae: Half-Genie Hero with a fan-created enemy called Ikki, a ghost that has the same hair style, upper body proportions, and glasses as Nikki. The fact that Ikki is a ghost may be a joke on the "death" of Swapnote, as the app's SpotPass communication was shut down due to abuse of the system.