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A Mii with the Confident Adventurer personality.

Confident Adventurer is a personality in Tomodachi Collection, Tomodachi Life and Miitomo. In Europe, it is referred to as Confident Leader. It is designated on the personality chart by the color purple.

Introductory Comment

Male Miis: "[Mii]'s the name! I'm always up for taking on new challenges."
Female Miis: "My name's [Mii]! I love taking on new challenges."

Game Description

Region Explanation Translation
America Overall: Organized, motivated, focused.

Character: Tackles any challenge head-on, and has great faith in his/her own abilities.
Risk taking and ambitious. Full of energy, and does almost everything on a whim. Once started, nobody can stop him/her!

Europe Looks: Proud

Character: Pushy, competitive and picky. Short-tempered and goal-driven.
A tough leader that trusts in their instincts, but stresses when things don’t go as they expected.

Japan 第一印象:自信家


First Impression: Confident.

Traits: Formal, hates to lose, short-tempered, frank, obsessive.
A strict leader. Always tackles things with full strength. Suffers from a gap between ideals and reality.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドライ系 バリバリ型
Dry kei Baribari gata
Dry Active