Easygoing Dreamer

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A Mii with the Easygoing Dreamer personality.

Easygoing Dreamer is a personality in Tomodachi Collection, Tomodachi Life and Miitomo. It is designated on the personality chart by the color golden yellow.

Introductory Comment

Male Miis: "My name's [Mii]. I like to think big and dream even bigger!"
Female Miis: "[Mii]'s the name. I like to think big and dream even bigger!"

Game Description

Region Explanation Translation
America Overall: Relaxed, kind, empathetic.

Character: Does things at his/her own pace in a genuinely honest and kind manner.
Idealistic and romantic. Often has his/her head in the clouds... but also comes up with a lot of good ideas as a result.

Europe Looks: Gentle

Character: Relaxed, kind and honest. Sensitive and innocent.
Laid-back and free spirited. Lives at their own pace and never rushes into anything. Deep down they may worry a lot.

Japan 第一印象:おだやか


First Impression: Gentle.

Traits: Takes things slowly, naive, delicate, meek, attentive, kind.
Relaxed and carefree type. Very laid-back but also has a lot of things to worry about.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ナゴミ系 まったり型
Nagomi kei Mattari gata
Calm Mellow