Confident Go-Getter

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A Mii with the Confident Go-Getter personality.

Confident Go-Getter is a personality in Tomodachi Collection, Tomodachi Life and Miitomo. It is designated on the personality chart by the color indigo.

Introductory Comment

Male Miis: "The name's [Mii]. I don't let anything stand in my way!"
Female Miis: "I'm [Mii]. I don't let anything stop me from accomplishing my goals!"

Game description

Region Explanation Translation
America Overall: Organized, motivated, focused.

Character: Tackles any challenge head-on, and has great faith in his/her own abilities.
A determined self-starter. Cuts his/her own path in life, and doesn't let anything stand in his/her way. Quick at turning plans into action.

Europe Looks: Proud

Character: Pushy, competitive and picky. Short-tempered and goal-driven.
Very gifted. Makes their own roads in life and doesn’t worry about what people think. Quickly turns plans into action.

Japan 第一印象:自信家


First Impression: Confident.

Traits: Formal, hates to lose, short-tempered, frank, obsessive.
Prefers to do things in his/her own way. Doesn't listen to others. A confident type.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドライ系 バッサリ型
Dry kei Bassari gata
Dry Drastic