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An official image of the personality chart in Tomodachi Life.
This article is about the Tomodachi Life mechanic. For the Miitopia mechanic, see Personality (Miitopia).

A personality is an attribute in Tomodachi Life that determines most non-physical aspects of a Mii. Miis with similar personalities will like each other more, while Miis with different personalities will like each other less. Many personalities in Tomodachi Life come from its predecessor, Tomodachi Collection.

Determining Personality

A Mii's personality is determined by five values the player sets during the final step of Mii creation: Movement, Speech, Expressiveness, Attitude, and Overall (Energy, Speech, Facial Expressions, Mood, and Overall in the European release). The values are adjusted on scales of eight increments, from one trait to its opposite (Speech is ranked from polite to direct, for example). Traits don't affect any other aspect of a Mii aside from movement, which affects how fast the Mii moves when walking or during animations.

The personality group that a Mii belongs to tends to have more influence over visible game mechanics than their specific personality type. A Mii's personality group will affect:

  • Neutral pose
  • Happy/mad/sad/worried neutral and walking animations
  • Speech bubble flavor dialogue
  • Default apartment design
  • Reaction to being stared at
  • Behavior while waiting in their room during an "I heard that [Mii] wants to be friends" problem
  • Behavior after a successful love confession
  • Mii News comments
  • Tomodachi Quest class
  • Mii Homes house design
  • Clothing color (for baby Miis)
  • Item used in their tent (for travelers)

List of personalities


Overall: Relaxed, open minded, empathetic.
Character: Does things at his/her own pace in a genuinely honest and kind manner.

Easygoing Miis are more caring and thoughtful, if somewhat lax at times. They have a tendency to get emotional over smaller things, and sometimes admit they lack confidence. They also tend to be a bit more shy and reserved, though not as much as independent Miis. They care a lot about their friends and value the happiness of others strongly.


Overall: Social, charming, energetic.
Character: Comfortable in almost any situation and makes new connections easily.

Outgoing Miis are the most openly extroverted out of all types, and are fairly self-confident, though not to the point of being egotistical. They prefer to put themselves in the spotlight and enjoy spending time with others. They tend to rush head-first into things more often, rather than giving them careful thought. Like easygoing Miis, they can be somewhat emotional, though they are often more expressive about it.


Overall: Creative, self-reliant, somewhat reserved.
Character: Comfortable doing his/her own thing and thinking outside the box.

Independent Miis are fairly self-reliant and somewhat withdrawn. They're happiest on their own and with things that they're most familiar with, and aren't that willing to meet new people. They also have a strongly imaginative and creative side, and while not that expressive, their minds tend to be very active.


Overall: Organized, motivated, focused.
Character: Tackles any challenge head-on, and has great faith in his/her own abilities.

Confident Miis are very self-assured, though they also tend to be close-minded. They are quite perseverant and motivated to take on tasks set both by themselves and others. They aren't as naturally social as outgoing Miis, and their personal relationships can take a backseat to their own goals. They tend to be very diligent and organized.