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Outside screenshot

Mii Apartments is where the majority of gameplay occurs in Tomodachi Life. Miis live in their own apartments and will often request the player to help them or play with them. Miis interact independently, and will oftentimes hang out with other Miis in their own apartments. At night and sometimes throughout the day, Miis will fall asleep and dream. Players can enter and watch these dreams, and when they exit the Mii will wake up and an item related to the dream will appear next to them. When they are asleep at night, players can draw on their faces.

As more Miis are made, the apartment building will upgrade to hold more apartments until it caps at 100 Miis.

Mii windows

The window of your Mii's apartment or room can tell you the status they are in.

Icon Meaning
TL no mii w.png
There is no who lives in this apartment. a Mii could be moved there, or a new Mii could be created there.
TL away w.png
The Mii inside is not at his/her apartment and is somewhere else on the island, or in another room. You can call or locate your Mii.
TL normal w.png
The Mii inside is normal, and does not require your attention.
TL problem w.png
The Mii inside is having a problem such as hunger, sickness, or wanting an item or activity.
TL friend w.png
The Mii is thinking about friendship or wants to do something social.
TL love w.png
The Mii has either a question about romance, a confession of love, or having a breakup.
TL sadness w.png
The Mii is sad due to a failed friendship or romance, and needs to be cheered up with gifts.
TL game w.png
The Mii wants to play an Islander Mini-Game. There are 6 different Mini-Games you can play with your Mii: Football, Mystery shadow, Pixel item, Zoom item, Islander facts and Catch. If you beat the Mii, he/she will present you with 3 boxes: small, medium and large. These boxes contain random items as prizes.
TL Sleeping window.png
The Mii is asleep and can't be currently interacted with for the rest of the day. This can happen from the late-night all the way to the early morning. It May or may not include a dream bubble.

The Office

Outside the Office room

The Office is a room located at the bottom middle of the apartment building. The room has 2 options, Apartment Swap and Personality chart. Apartment Swap allows you to move 2 Mii's apartments, and swap them with each other.

The Personality chart shows what personality a Mii is and compares them to other Miis

The Office will also show you all the stats about your island and islanders. The Office shows you: General community vibe, Islander count, Average age, Male to Female ratio, (info needed)???, Problems solved, Streetpass encounters and Travelers received.

Other appearances

Super Smash Bros. series

Mii Apartments is the setting of a stage called Tomodachi Life, which first appeared in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and returned in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Similarly to in Luigi's Mansion, the interiors of the apartments are only revealed when a fighter enters the apartment, or by explosive items such as the X-Bomb. Miis saved on the player's system appear inside the apartments. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS also features a Trophy of Mii Apartments as one of two from Tomodachi Life.