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This article is about food in Tomodachi Life. For the consumables in Miitopia, see Grub.
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Food is a type of item in Tomodachi Life and Tomodachi Collection. Food is acquired from the Food Mart, or as a gift from Miis or prizes. Miis have a fullness status, which is displayed on the top screen when visiting their apartment. Feeding a Mii will increase their fullness by a set amount, depending on how filling the food is. Miis will always accept food, unless that food would push them over the fullness limit, they have just eaten that particular food, or they are sick.

Miis' stomachs slowly empty during regular gameplay, however, they can remain hungry indefinitely. The main purpose of food is to gain levels. Miis will often request food. Sometimes they will request particular types of food or drink, such as Asian, Italian, spicy, salty, and sweet. When given the food they request, Miis will always respond with "[He/She] loved it!", otherwise they will not enjoy it as much.

Each Mii has personal tastes. They like some foods more than others. Food that a Mii likes will calm them down during a fight or bout of sadness, especially if the food is large.


Reaction Caption Image
Super all-time favorite It's [his/her] super all-time favorite!! (US) / [He/She] really loved it! (EU) TL SuperAllTimeFavorite2.jpg
All-time favorite It's [his/her] all-time favorite! (US) / [He/She] loved it a lot! (EU) Needed.png
Love [He/She] loved it! (US) / [He/She] really, really liked it! (EU) Needed.png
Really like [He/She] really liked it! (US) / [He/She] liked it a lot! (EU) Needed.png
Like [He/She] liked it. (US) / [He/She] liked it a little. (EU) Needed.png
Don't like [He/She] didn't really like it. (US) / [He/She] didn't like it. (EU) Needed.png
Don't like at all [He/She] didn't like it at all. (US) / [He/She] really didn't like it. (EU) Needed.png
Worst [He/She] thought it was the worst! (US) / [He/She] didn't like it at all... (EU) Needed.png
Worst ever [He/She] thought it was the worst ever!! (US) / [He/She] really didn't like it at all... (EU) Needed.png

List of food

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Food Price Type Description
TL Food Barbecue sprite.png
$15.00 Main dishes
TL Food Buffalo wings sprite.png
Buffalo wings
$8.60 Main dishes
TL Food Cheeseburger sprite.png
$6.50 Main dishes
TL Food Chicken pot pie sprite.png
Chicken pot pie
$7.80 Main dishes
TL Food Filet mignon sprite.png
Filet mignon
$50.00 Main dishes
TL Food Fish cakes sprite.png
Fish cakes
$7.80 Main dishes
TL Food Fish sticks sprite.png
Fish sticks
$8.20 Main dishes
TL Food Gratin sprite.png
$9.80 Main dishes
TL Food Gyro sprite.png
$5.90 Main dishes
TL Food Herring sprite.png
$4.50 Main dishes
TL Food Lasagna sprite.png
$6.50 Main dishes
TL Food Lobster sprite.png
$16.00 Main dishes
TL Food Loco moco sprite.png
Loco moco
$7.80 Main dishes
TL Food Meatballs sprite.png
$5.00 Main dishes
TL Food Nachos sprite.png
$7.50 Main dishes
TL Food Paella sprite.png
$8.80 Main dishes
TL Food Panini sprite.png
$5.50 Main dishes
TL Food Pasta pesto sprite.png
Pasta pesto
$7.30 Main dishes
TL Food Peking duck sprite.png
Peking duck
$30.00 Main dishes
TL Food Pork cutlet sprite.png
Pork cutlet
$8.00 Main dishes
TL Food Pot-au-feu sprite.png
$7.00 Main dishes
TL Food Ramen sprite.png
$9.90 Main dishes
TL Food Roast beef sprite.png
Roast beef
$15.00 Main dishes
TL Food Roast chicken sprite.png
Roast chicken
$20.00 Main dishes
TL Food Salisbury steak sprite.png
Salisbury steak
$9.90 Main dishes
TL Food Salmon meuniere sprite.png
Salmon meuniere
$11.00 Main dishes
TL Food Sashimi sprite.png
$12.80 Main dishes
TL Food Schnitzel sprite.png
$13.00 Main dishes
TL Food Space food sprite.png
Space food
$20.00 Main dishes
TL Food Spaghetti sprite.png
$7.80 Main dishes
TL Food Spaghetti peperoncino sprite.png
Spaghetti peperoncino
$7.80 Main dishes
TL Food Squid-ink spaghetti sprite.png
Squid-ink spaghetti
$7.80 Main dishes
TL Food Steak sprite.png
$15.90 Main dishes
TL Food Stewed beef sprite.png
Stewed beef
$8.80 Main dishes
TL Food Stuffed cabbage roll sprite.png
Stuffed cabbage roll
$7.00 Main dishes
TL Food Sushi sprite.png
$19.90 Main dishes
TL Food Tempura sprite.png
$8.80 Main dishes
TL Food Yakisoba sprite.png
$6.90 Main dishes
TL Food Avocado sprite.png
$1.00 Side dishes
TL Food Bacon sprite.png
$2.50 Side dishes
TL Food Baked beans sprite.png
Baked beans
$3.50 Side dishes
TL Food Baked potato sprite.png
Baked potato
$5.00 Side dishes
TL Food Blue cheese sprite.png
Blue cheese
$3.00 Side dishes
TL Food Broccoli sprite.png
$1.00 Side dishes
TL Food Brussels sprouts sprite.png
Brussels sprouts
$1.00 Side dishes
TL Food Buttered potato sprite.png
Buttered potato
$3.80 Side dishes
TL Food Calamari sprite.png
$4.80 Side dishes
TL Food Caviar sprite.png
$65.00 Side dishes
TL Food Celery sprite.png
$1.00 Side dishes
TL Food Cheese sprite.png
$2.00 Side dishes
TL Food Chicken noodle soup sprite.png
Chicken noodle soup
$4.50 Side dishes
TL Food Clam chowder sprite.png
Clam chowder
$6.00 Side dishes
TL Food Coleslaw sprite.png
$1.20 Side dishes
TL Food Cooked eggplant sprite.png
Cooked eggplant
$3.50 Side dishes
TL Food Corn dog sprite.png
Corn dog
$0.99 Side dishes
TL Food Cornflakes sprite.png
$3.00 Side dishes
TL Food Corn on the cob sprite.png
Corn on the cob
$2.00 Side dishes
TL Food Drumstick sprite.png
$3.50 Side dishes
TL Food Escargot sprite.png
$12.00 Side dishes
TL Food French fries sprite.png
French fries
$2.80 Side dishes
TL Food Fresh spring rolls sprite.png
Fresh spring rolls
$5.90 Side dishes
TL Food Fried egg sprite.png
Fried egg
$1.70 Side dishes
TL Food Fried rice sprite.png
Fried rice
$4.80 Side dishes
TL Food Fried spring rolls sprite.png
Fried spring rolls
$6.30 Side dishes
TL Food Fried tofu sprite.png
Fried tofu
$2.50 Side dishes
TL Food Garlic sprite.png
$0.80 Side dishes
TL Food Green pepper sprite.png
Green pepper
$0.80 Side dishes
TL Food Grilled cheese sprite.png
Grilled cheese
$2.00 Side dishes
TL Food Habanero sprite.png
$1.00 Side dishes
TL Food Hard-boiled egg sprite.png
Hard-boiled egg
$0.40 Side dishes
TL Food Hash browns sprite.png
Hash browns
$1.50 Side dishes
TL Food Hot dog sprite.png
Hot dog
$2.80 Side dishes
TL Food Instant noodles sprite.png
Instant noodles
$1.90 Side dishes
TL Food Kimchi sprite.png
$2.80 Side dishes
TL Food Macaroni and cheese sprite.png
Macaroni and cheese
$5.80 Side dishes
TL Food Mashed potatoes sprite.png
Mashed potatoes
$3.50 Side dishes
TL Food Meat-and-potato stew sprite.png
Meat-and-potato stew
$6.00 Side dishes
TL Food Moldy bread sprite.png
Moldy Bread
$0.20 Trash foods
TL Food Mushroom sprite.png
$1.30 Side dishes
TL Food Oatmeal sprite.png
$2.50 Side dishes
TL Food Octopus sprite.png
$8.80 Side dishes
TL Food Olives sprite.png
$3.00 Side dishes
TL Food Onion gratin soup sprite.png
Onion gratin soup
$4.10 Side dishes
TL Food Onion rings sprite.png
Onion rings
$3.50 Side dishes
TL Food Pickles sprite.png
$3.00 Side dishes
TL Food Pizza sprite.png
$0.99 Side dishes
TL Food Polenta sprite.png
$5.80 Side dishes
TL Food Popcorn shrimp sprite.png
Popcorn shrimp
$4.00 Side dishes
TL Food Pork bun sprite.png
Pork bun
$2.00 Side dishes
TL Food Porridge sprite.png
$3.00 Side dishes
TL Food Pot stickers sprite.png
Pot stickers
$5.00 Side dishes
TL Food Prawn salad sprite.png
Prawn salad
$7.50 Side dishes
TL Food Pretzel sprite.png
$1.30 Side dishes
TL Food Quiche sprite.png
$5.50 Side dishes
TL Food Ravioli sprite.png
$6.40 Side dishes
TL Food Red chili pepper sprite.png
Red chili pepper
$0.50 Side dishes
TL Food Rice sprite.png
$2.00 Side dishes
TL Food Risotto sprite.png
$7.80 Side dishes
TL Food Salad sprite.png
$5.60 Side dishes
TL Food Salami sprite.png
$3.90 Side dishes
TL Food Sandwich sprite.png
$5.50 Side dishes
TL Food Sausage sprite.png
$2.00 Side dishes
TL Food Smoked salmon sprite.png
Smoked salmon
$9.00 Side dishes
TL Food Spanish omelet sprite.png
Spanish omelet
$4.60 Side dishes
TL Food Split-pea soup sprite.png
Split-pea soup
$3.50 Side dishes
TL Food Tacos sprite.png
$4.80 Side dishes
TL Food Tomato soup sprite.png
Tomato soup
$3.80 Side dishes
TL Food Truffle sprite.png
$60.00 Side dishes
TL Food Veggie burger sprite.png
Veggie burger
$5.00 Side dishes
TL Food White bread sprite.png
White bread
$0.30 Side dishes
TL Food Yakitori sprite.png
$3.50 Side dishes
TL Food Apple sprite.png
$0.90 Desserts
TL Food Apple pie sprite.png
Apple pie
$4.30 Desserts
TL Food Banana sprite.png
$0.80 Desserts
TL Food Banana split sprite.png
Banana split
$6.50 Desserts
TL Food Beef jerky sprite.png
Beef jerky
$3.00 Desserts
TL Food Biscuit sprite.png
$1.50 Desserts
TL Food Black forest gateau sprite.png
Black forest gateau
$4.50 Desserts
TL Food Brownie sprite.png
$2.00 Desserts
TL Food Butter cookie sprite.png
Butter cookie
$1.80 Desserts
TL Food Candy apple sprite.png
Candy apple
$2.50 Desserts
TL Food Candy corn sprite.png
Candy corn
$0.75 Desserts
TL Food Carrot cake sprite.png
Carrot cake
$5.30 Desserts
TL Food Cheesecake sprite.png
$3.00 Desserts
TL Food Cherry pie sprite.png
Cherry pie
$5.20 Desserts
TL Food Chewing gum sprite.png
Chewing gum
$1.50 Desserts
TL Food Chocolate sprite.png
$1.50 Desserts
TL Food Chocolate gateau sprite.png
Chocolate gateau
$6.00 Desserts
TL Food Chocolate sundae sprite.png
Chocolate sundae
$7.80 Desserts
TL Food Cinnamon roll sprite.png
Cinnamon roll
$3.00 Desserts
TL Food Clotted cream sprite.png
Clotted cream
$1.20 Desserts
TL Food Coconut sprite.png
$3.50 Desserts
TL Food Cotton candy sprite.png
Cotton candy
$3.00 Desserts
TL Food Cracker sprite.png
$0.50 Desserts
TL Food Cream puff sprite.png
Cream puff
$2.50 Desserts
TL Food Crepe sprite.png
$4.00 Desserts
TL Food Croissant sprite.png
$1.20 Desserts
TL Food Danish pastry sprite.png
Danish pastry
$1.50 Desserts
TL Food Doughnut sprite.png
$1.30 Desserts
TL Food Elephant ear sprite.png
Elephant ear
$2.00 Desserts
TL Food Fancy cupcake sprite.png
Fancy cupcake
$5.00 Desserts
TL Food Flan sprite.png
$1.50 Desserts
TL Food French toast sprite.png
French toast
$3.80 Desserts
TL Food Frozen treat sprite.png
Frozen treat
$1.00 Desserts
TL Food Frozen yogurt sprite.png
Frozen yogurt
$1.80 Desserts
TL Food Fudge sprite.png
$4.00 Desserts
TL Food Gelatin snack sprite.png
Gelatin snack
$1.50 Desserts
TL Food Gingerbread cake sprite.png
Gingerbread cake
$4.50 Desserts
TL Food Granola parfait sprite.png
Granola parfait
$6.00 Desserts
TL Food Grapefruit sprite.png
$2.00 Desserts
TL Food Gummy candy sprite.png
Gummy candy
$0.50 Desserts
TL Food Hard candy sprite.png
Hard candy
$0.50 Desserts
TL Food Honey sprite.png
$4.50 Desserts
TL Food Ice-cream cone sprite.png
Ice-cream cone
$2.50 Desserts
TL Food Ice-cream sandwich sprite.png
Ice-cream sandwich
$1.00 Desserts
TL Food Key lime pie sprite.png
Key lime pie
$4.60 Desserts
TL Food Kiwi sprite.png
$1.00 Desserts
TL Food Lollipop sprite.png
$2.50 Desserts
TL Food Macadamia nuts sprite.png
Macadamia nuts
$5.00 Desserts
TL Food Macaron sprite.png
$1.80 Desserts
TL Food Mango sprite.png
$3.00 Desserts
TL Food Muffin sprite.png
$2.50 Desserts
TL Food Napoleon cake sprite.png
Napoleon cake
$6.20 Desserts
TL Food Orange sprite.png
$0.90 Desserts
TL Food Pancakes sprite.png
$4.00 Desserts
TL Food Peach sprite.png
$1.10 Desserts
TL Food Peanuts sprite.png
$3.70 Desserts
TL Food Pear sprite.png
$1.10 Desserts
TL Food Pineapple sprite.png
$3.50 Desserts
TL Food Potato chips sprite.png
Potato chips
$1.30 Desserts
TL Food Pumpkin pie sprite.png
Pumpkin pie
$4.60 Desserts
TL Food Red velvet cake sprite.png
Red velvet cake
$4.50 Desserts
TL Food S'more sprite.png
$3.00 Desserts
TL Food Saltine crackers sprite.png
Saltine crackers
$1.00 Desserts
TL Food Strawberry shortcake sprite.png
Strawberry shortcake
$4.00 Desserts
TL Food Sunflower seeds sprite.png
Sunflower seeds
$3.00 Desserts
TL Food Waffle sprite.png
$2.00 Desserts
TL Food Watermelon sprite.png
$2.00 Desserts
TL Food Yogurt sprite.png
$1.90 Desserts
TL Food Apple juice sprite.png
Apple juice
$2.00 Beverages
TL Food Bubble tea sprite.png
Bubble tea
$5.50 Beverages
TL Food Cappuccino sprite.png
$2.90 Beverages
TL Food Chamomile tea sprite.png
Chamomile tea
$2.70 Beverages
TL Food Coffee sprite.png
$2.20 Beverages
TL Food Eggnog sprite.png
$5.00 Beverages
TL Food Espresso sprite.png
$1.90 Beverages
TL Food Green juice sprite.png
Green juice
$3.50 Beverages
TL Food Hot chocolate sprite.png
Hot chocolate
$2.00 Beverages
TL Food Lemonade sprite.png
$2.50 Beverages
TL Food Milk sprite.png
$1.80 Beverages
TL Food Milkshake sprite.png
$5.00 Beverages
TL Food Orange juice sprite.png
Orange juice
$2.00 Beverages
TL Food Protein shake sprite.png
Protein shake
$3.50 Beverages
TL Food Root-beer float sprite.png
Root-beer float
$3.80 Beverages
TL Food Smoothie sprite.png
$2.50 Beverages
TL Food Soda sprite.png
$2.50 Beverages
TL Food Spiced apple cider sprite.png
Spiced apple cider
$2.00 Beverages
TL Food Spoiled milk sprite.png
Spoiled milk
$0.20 Trash food
TL Food Sports drink sprite.png
Sports drink
$2.00 Beverages
TL Food Tap water sprite.png
Tap water
$0.90 Beverages
TL Food Tea sprite.png
$2.30 Beverages
TL Food Tomato juice sprite.png
Tomato juice
$1.50 Beverages
TL Food Yerba mate sprite.png
Yerba mate
$5.40 Beverages