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Goods are items that a Mii can use to do special things, such as take images or cure a sickness. These can be given to the player fairly easily, by just solving a Mii's problem.

Item Description Image Notes
Age-O-Matic Turns the Mii into an adult Needed.png Cannot be used on a Mii with a sweetheart, except if they just had a proposal.
AR Camera Lets the player put certain in-game items using the AR camera. Needed.png The player needs a ? AR Card.
Bath Set Lets the given Mii take a bath. Needed.png The Mii changes into a bath robe after the bath, which can be changed out after leaving the apartment.
Cold Medicine Cures a Mii's cold. Needed.png The most common good in the game along with stomach medicine.
Disposable Camera A Mii has the option to take a image of 'Something artsy' or 'Someone we know'. Needed.png The player can save these images to the 3DS camera app.
Fan Lets the player control a fan to blow the Mii with. Needed.png
Frying Pan Lets the given Mii make a food item. Needed.png This is the only way to get Trash Foods.
Hair-Dye Spray Lets the player dye the selected Mii. Needed.png The selected color will go away after the Mii uses a bath set.
Hypnotizer Lets the player view a specific dream. Needed.png The player won't be given the item from said dream.
Kaleidoscope Lets the player use a kaleidoscope containing certain Miis and items. Needed.png
Kid-O-Matic The selected Mii is turned back into a child. Needed.png Cannot use on certain sweethearts and married couples.
Mobile The player blows into the 3DS mic to spin a mobile. Needed.png
Music Box The Mii is given a music box of certain island locations or other Miis. Needed.png
Sewing Machine The Mii makes a piece of clothing. Needed.png
Slide puzzle Lets the player and Mii work together to solve a slide puzzle. Needed.png
Stomach Medicine Cures a Mii's stomach flu. Needed.png
Swing Lets the player push a Mii on a swing. Needed.png
Travel Ticket Takes the Mii and a friend/best friend or sweetheart on a trip to a country. They will also being back a treasure and raise their relationship levels. Needed.png This is the rarest good in the game.