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The Fountain
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The Fountain is a location in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life that serves as a location for Miis to hang out, as well as being the home of certain events such as the morning market, donations, word chains, and rap battles. It is unlocked early on in the game, as the result of the player's Mii deciding to collect donations from residents to improve the island.



This event serves as the introduction to the fountain. During the daily donation event, all islanders line up by the fountain to insert coins or bills into a glass piggy bank, or a white box in the Japanese release. The more islanders, the more money is collected during the donation.

Morning Market

The Morning Market takes place between 6:30 am and 12:00 [needs verification] pm. When the Fountain is selected during this time, a random islander will be selling a random Food item for 50% off the Food Shop/Mart price. They will say random phrases in order to promote the item. When the player selects "Buy" on the bottom screen, the Mii will say "Welcome!", then continue to promote the item. If the player selects "Cancel" after selecting "Buy", the Mii will say an angry phrase. In Tomodachi Collection, the Mii will say "At least buy something!", while in Tomodachi Life, the Mii will say one of these phrases: "No window-shopping!", "Quit browsing!" "Are you seriously not going to buy anything?!", and "Would you buy something already?!". If the player decides to buy the item, the Mii will say "Thank You!", and the player will be redirected to the island. If the player goes back to the fountain, a new random islander will be promoting the item. The item being sold changes daily.

Rap battle

The rap battle event

In the North American and European localizations, the rap battle event takes place from 6–7 pm or 7–8 pm, respectively. During a rap battle, two Miis will exchange rhymes to insult their opponent. A battle ends when one Mii fails to come up with a rhyme, thus making their opponent the winner.

Rap battles vary in duration. At the very least, a given battle will comprise three valid lines and one slip-up, lasting just over 40 seconds. Most battles fall within the range of 3–7 valid lines, though some may have as many as 19, spanning almost 3 minutes. If the number of islanders allows it, each Mii will have a posse of two other Miis behind them to cheer them on.

Text in rap battles can be skipped with A as normal. In this case, a Mii will begin rapping at the beginning of the next closest measure.

Word Chain

Word Chain takes place from 5:30–6:30 pm in all regional variants of Tomodachi Life save for the North American release. In this event, Miis must continue a chain of words by saying the name of a food or treasure that uses the previous word's last letter (e.g. Apple → Eggplant → Teddy Bear). If a Mii repeats a word that was previously said, they lose and the event ends.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 恵みのふんすい
Megumi no funsui
Blessing Fountain