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Mii News report when opened

The Compatibility Tester is a feature in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life. It is in all versions of the game. It is unique compared to the other areas of the game, as it is not a building, but rather a machine that is used.


The tester is used to determine the compatibility of two Miis. This can be romantic or platonic. When 2 Miis, one of each gender, are tested, they will automatically be romantically tested unless they are family, if they are the same gender, it will automatically be friendship that is tested. A Mii must have a complete birthday profile registered in order to be tested.

The Compatibility Tester can also give a "forecast" to see how the Mii characters will interact in the following week.

However, the compatibility tester is not 100% accurate. Mii characters can be friends, best friends, or even lovers regardless of the score of compatibility they have on the tester. The game describes it as being "just for fun" and has no effect on their relationships.

How to unlock

To unlock the compatibility tester, there must be 2 male Miis and 2 female Miis on the island. The player must have also solved 15 problems.

Regional differences

Mii News report in the Japanese version.

The Compatibility Tester does not have many differences. In the Japanese version, various piano tracks will be played in the background, carried over from Tomodachi Collection. In the international releases of the game, jazz saxophone tracks will be played.

Also in the Japanese version, in the Mii news report, two Mii characters of the same sex can be seen looking at each other. This was probably changed due to possible romantic implications. In all other versions it will be 2 Mii characters, one male and one female.