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The Information Center is a location in Go Vacation. It is found in the Marine, City, Snow and Mountain Resorts. It can be found at Starting Point 1 of each Resort, being differentiated by Lily's icon.

The Information Center allows the player to learn more about the resort they're currently in, and helps them get used to the game.


Lily is the main person at the Information Center Lily is first seen after completing the controls tutorial, after which she prompts the player to go participate in Marine Bike Races. After the player exits from Marine Bike Races after they have finished it at least once, Lily will tell the player about the Stamp Dash. As the player progresses throughout the game, Lily will tell them what they have unlocked, and once they complete the Stamp Dash, she will then tell the player about either Keys in the Wii Version, or Daily Orienteering in the Nintendo Switch Version


Main article: School

School allows the player to learn the controls and all possible tricks of all the Gear available in that Resort.


Main article: Gear

Gear allows the player to change the appearance of all gear options available in the Resort they are currently in


Main article: Outfit

Outfits allows the player to change their appearance for the resort they are currently in. Many outfit options will not be available in all Resorts, as they do not fit the theming of that resort.

Resort Travel

Main article: Kawawii Island

They allow you to travel to any resort at any time that you have unlocked.


  • The Resort Traveler and Outfits are the only characters to appear in every resort in the game, including the Villa Grounds
  • The Resort Traveler has no purpose, as the player is able to travel to resorts by simply pressing Start/Start, and selecting 'Change Resort'