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Enjoy a variety of marine sports!
— Wii Game Manual

The Marine Resort is the first resort the player has access to in Go Vacation and requires 0 Stamps to unlock.

When the player first starts a new profile, they are given the tutorial, where they are introduced to the main controls. This takes place at the Marine Resort, where they are locked at the Hotel, and must complete the tutorial to gain access to the rest of the resort. After the player learns the controls, they are required to take part in a Marine Bike Race. Once the player has finished the race, they are rewarded with their first stamp in the game, and are then given access to the entire resort.


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The Marine Resort has 18 [needs verification] activities:

Resort Activities
Icon Name Description Gives Stamp? Wii Version? Switch Version?
Needed.png Marine Bike Races Allows players to compete in either 1 or 3 lap races against each other/computer players, or to try to go through rings set in a course within a time limit. Yes Yes Yes