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Collect furniture throughout the game to design your very own villa! You can remodel and redecorate it whenever you want!
— Wii Game Manual

The Villa Grounds is the 5th and final resort in Go Vacation. It takes the most Stamps to unlock, requiring 20.


It is where all players Villas are displayed. Players can walk around, explore the Villa Gorunds, and go into each other's Villas. New to the Nintendo Switch version, Villas can be displayed in other players' Villa Grounds online, where they can be given a "Like". If a player's Villa is given a "Like", they receive 1,000 XP to your level.


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The Villa Grounds has 1 activity:

Resort Activities
Icon Name Description Gives Stamp? Wii Version? Switch Version?
150x Villa Customization Allows the player to edit their Villa No Yes Yes


  • Walking around the perimeter of the resort would take 3 minutes and 13 seconds**
    • Time is not exact. The exact time is expected to be within 7~ seconds of this
  • The Villa Grounds is the smallest resort in the game, being behind the City Resort
  • The Villa Grounds is the only resort to not have the Information Center
  • The Outfit options for the Villa Grounds cannot be unlocked inside the resort itself. Instead, the player must find Treasure in other resorts, some of which have Outfits that can also be used in the Villa Grounds
  • The Villa Grounds has the least amount of activities out of all resorts, having 0 stamp activities, and only having 1 activity in total.