Sword Fighting

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This article is about the activity in Go Vacation. For the sport in the Wii Sports series, see Chambara.
Sword Fighting

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Gives Stamp? No
Key/Challenge Amount 0
Wii Version? Yes
Switch Version? No
Number of players 1-2
Peripherals used/required Motion Plus (required)
Real-world equivalent Sword Fighting
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Sword Fighting is an activity in Go Vacation. It is found in the City Resort near Kawawii Memorial Park, across from Motor Fest

Players face off either against a computer player, or against another person. The first person to either be knocked out of the arena, or have their health depleted to 0 loses, and results in the other players winning. If the time runs out and neither player has fallen out of the match/had their health completely depleted, then the player with the most health remaining wins. Sword Fighting has 2 modes: Elimination, and Duel.


Players swing the Wii Remote in the direction they want to swing their sword. By holding b, the player guards against attacks. If the opponent attempts to attack a guarded player, they will bounce back, and the person guarding will have their Power Gauge filled a bit.. Opponents can circumvent someone guarding by swinging in the direction the opponent is guarding (example: Person is holding Wii Remote up and is guarding. If the opponent swings their Wii Remote Up/Down, they will be attacking in the direction of the guard.). By pressing a when the players Power Gauge is filled, the player can Power Up, which will make their attack do significantly more damage. A powered up attack will last until the opponent is hit once, or until the Power Gauge is depleted. The Power Gauge slowly fills up over time, but landing successful attacks/blocking attacks makes your gauge fill up faster


Reach the target number of consecutive wins to clear the level!
— {{{2}}}

The player must face off against computer controlled players. There are three levels in Elimination. Level 1 makes the player face off against 3 opponents, Level 2 makes the player face 4 opponents, and Level 3 makes the player face off against 5 opponents. In addition to the amount of opponents increasing per level, the difficulty of the opponents also increases. If the player loses against an opponent at any time, they must try again and start from the beginning.


Endless is an option in Elimination. In Endless, instead of trying to defeat a set amount of opponents, the player tries to defeat as many as they can in one session, and try to reach a new high score. If the player is defeated once, their run will end.


A simple versus mode.
— In-Game Description

Dual is the only place where multiple players can play at the same time. Players face off against each other in a best of three match. The first player to get 2 wins wins the game. Dual can be played alone, with another person, or with a buddy.


  • Sword Fighting is 1 of 5 activities removed from the Nintendo Switch version
  • Sword Fighting is very similar to the Sport Chambara
  • Sword Fighting takes place inside of the building across from Motor Fest
    • This can be seen in the transportation sequence
  • Sword Fighting takes place in a Virtual Reality place, so the participants do not feel actual pain.