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NSS Chambara Icon.svg
Icon for Chambara in Nintendo Switch Sports
First game Wii Sports Resort
Latest game Nintendo Switch Sports
Number of players 1-2 simultaneous (Duel and Speed Slice), 1 (Showdown)
Peripherals needed None
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Chambara is a sport that first appeared in Wii Sports Resort, known as Swordplay in that game. It reappears in Nintendo Switch Sports. In Resort, it supported 2 players for Duel and Speed Slice, and 1 for Showdown modes. In Nintendo Switch Sports, it supports 1v1 locally and online.

While Chambara has no direct real-world equivalent, it does appear to take influence from sword-based sports around the world. The shape of the uniforms in Resort and the style of the swords in either version of this sport appear to be based on Kendo equipment. The term "Chambara" is actually a film genre.[1]


Players swing a Wii Remote or Joycon to swing their sword. Holding b on the Wii Remote, ZL on the left Joy-Con or ZR on the right Joy-con allows players to put their sword in front to block attacks.

Wii Sports Resort

Players can play in Duel, Speed Slice or Showdown. In duel, players must knock their opponent off the edge in a best out of three match. If the players are tied after three rounds (which requires either three draws or both players winning one and drawing one), a final round appears where the playing field gets smaller. If that match ends in a draw, the whole game does too.

In Speed Slice, players compete to see who can slice 10 objects the fastest first.

In Showdown, one player fights a horde of enemies. The player loses after being hit three times, and win if they defeat every opponent.

Nintendo Switch Sports

NSS Chambara email screenshot.png
Screenshot of a Chambara match in Nintendo Switch Sports

The rules stay the same as they did in Wii Sports Resort, but now the sport is renamed to Chambara. Recalibration is now done by pressing up on the left Joy-con’s d-pad or X on the right Joy-con.

There are three versions of the sword used in this sport: Sword, Charge Sword, and Twin Swords. The regular sword has the most powerful attack, the charge sword has the ability to strengthen attacks via guarding, and the twin swords (which requires two joycons) allow players to dual wield and perform a powerful Spinning Strike.