Air Sports

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Air Sports
WSR Air Sports Skydiving Menu Icon.png
WSR Air Sports Island Flyover Menu Icon.png
WSR Air Sports Dogfight Menu Icon.png
Icon for Air Sports in Wii Sports Resort
First game Wii Sports Resort
Number of players 1 (Skydiving and Island Flyover), 2 simultaneous (Dogfight)
Peripherals needed None, but Nunchuk can be used
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Air Sports is a sport that first appeared in Wii Sports Resort. It is one of four that uses the Nunchuk, and the only one that doesn’t require it.


Players tilt a Wii Remote up, down, left or right to move in that direction. In Dogfight and Island Flyover, pressing a or z fires shots and pressing b cuts the engine. Pressing the d-pad in any direction (or tilting the control stick if a Nunchuk is attached) tilts the camera in that direction.


In Skydiving, players twist the Wii Remote to connect with other Miis and try to make a formation. Once Miis are linked up to each other, a camera is set to take a picture. After some time, all the miis you've linked will from into 3 rings your mii to fall through. This is the first mode played when players boot up the game.

Island Flyover

In Island Flyover, players fly all over the island in a 5 minute timer and try to collect “iPoint” describing the island’s attractions. There are also balloons they can pop. Once the time expires, the game counts up how many iPoints the player collected.


In Dogfight, players compete to shoot down the other player’s balloons. They can also collect extra balloons by driving through balloon icons. Whoever has less balloons when time runs out (or whoever loses all their balloons first) loses.