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WS Main Menu Baseball screenshot.png
Baseball being selected from the main menu of Wii Sports
First game Wii Sports
Latest game Wii Sports Club
Number of players 1-2 simultaneous
Peripherals needed None
Real-world equivalent Baseball
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Baseball is one of five sports in Wii Sports and Wii Sports Club. As a hitter, the object of the game is to hit the baseball far enough so that your teammates can run through the bases fast enough to gain points. As a pitcher, the object of the game is to pitch the ball in a way that the hitter cannot hit it well enough. This is heavily based on the real-world game of Baseball, however with significant modifications: there are three innings instead of nine, and the player can only play as the batters and the pitcher. There is also a unique mercy rule where the game can be won by having five or more runs than the opposing team at the end of the first or second inning.


The versus screen at the beginning of the game, depicting the captains of each team

Wii Sports

There are three innings with two turns in each. Players switch between batting and fielding positions every time three outs are recorded by a team (P1’s team always bats first). The pitcher will pitch the baseball as the batter attempts to hit it.

If the batter manages to hit it, the ball will fly into the field. From then, all activity is done automatically by CPUs: the batter will run counterclockwise through the bases while the fielders attempt the catch it. Home runs can be scored if the batter makes it home while the ball is in play or if the ball goes past the foul poles. If a batter is standing on a base before the ball is caught, they will stay there and wait until the next batter hits before continuing to move.

If the batter does not hit the ball, it will count as a strike if the ball was pitched good and a ball if it did not pass the strike zone or was too low. After three strikes, it's a strikeout and the teams switch sides. After four balls, the batter walks to first base. If the batter hits the ball out of the foul lines, it becomes a foul ball and counts as a strike unless there are two.

The batting player controls all nine players on their team. After one Mii is done batting, the game simply moves on to the next Mii, causing only cosmetic changes. Each batter has three chances to hit the ball correctly. If a fielder catches their ball before it hits the ground, it counts as an out. If the batting team gets three outs overall, their turn ends and the teams change sides.

The game ends when all three innings are up. There is a mercy rule in this version of baseball that causes the game to end early when one team has five or more runs than the other by the end of the first or second inning. Extra innings are not played if the scores are level.

Teams are color-coded by the favorite color of the Mii leading each team.

Wii Sports Club

In Wii Sports Club, Baseball remains largely unchanged from its previous appearance. Most modifications are cosmetic. Notable changes are as listed:

  • The audience now consists of all actual Miis, rather than dots.
  • The controls for pitching are updated to accommodate the Wii U gamepad.
  • CPU teams are all randomly generated.


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