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First game Wii Sports Resort
Number of players 1-4 alternating (3 Point Contest), 1-2 simultaneous (Pickup Game)
Peripherals needed None
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Basketball is a sport that first appeared in Wii Sports Resort. It supports a 3 point shooting contest alongside a pickup game.


Players hold a Wii Remote vertically and swing it up and down to throw a basketball.

In 3 Point Contest, players compete to see who can sink 20 balls in 30 seconds. They point the Wii Remote down and press b to pick up a ball. Orange balls are worth 1 point and blue/white balls are worth 2.

In Pickup Game, players play a regular match of Basketball. When they have the ball, they can press a or any direction on the d-pad to pass the ball, and b to prepare a shot, where they have 5 seconds to jump and shoot. Making a jump without shooting or taking too long forfeits the ball to the other team. When they are on defense, they can swing the Wii Remote to trophy to steal the ball, but missing may cause them to fall over. Games that end with scores level are a draw.