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NSS Soccer Icon.svg
Icon for Soccer
First game Nintendo Switch Sports
Number of players 2 simultaneous
Peripherals needed Leg strap (shootout mode)
Real-world equivalent Wikipedia page
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Soccer is a sport that appears in Nintendo Switch Sports. It supports co-op, 1v1 and 2v2 modes locally and online. In addition, online play can support 4v4 matches. There is also a shoot-out mode that requires the leg strap accessory used for Ring Fit Adventure (included with physical copies of the game or can be bought separately). As of version 1.2.0, the leg strap normal is compatible with normal matches.[1]. It is based on the real-world game of association football, only more simplified, less players, no designated goalkeeper and a gigantic soccer ball that is roughly twice the height of the players.


Match (One-on-One or Four-on-Four)

Players compete in a duel. They can freely run around the field using the control stick, kick by swinging the left or right Joycon via motion controls, jump by pressing b, dash by holding zl and pass by holding zr while kicking the ball. Players must kick a giant soccer ball into the opposing team's goal. A golden soccer ball will appear if a team trails by two goals at any point and awards two goals when scored. The match ends after two minutes, and the team with the most goals wins. If scores are level, players play a sudden death round where the next goal scored wins. If a team is able to score five goals (counting golden soccer balls) in a match, the game ends in a knockout.

The opposing teams are color coded blue and pink, and all their hair and accessories will be colored likewise. Miis are affected by this as well.

Free Practice

The player is allowed to practice in a big or small field.


A photo of a Sportsmate ready to kick the ball.

Two players compete to kick 5 soccer balls into the goal. The goal will get skinnier depending on the player's score. The final round will have a golden ball worth 2 points. Whoever has the most points at the end of 5 rounds wins. This mode requires a Leg strap.



  • Soccer is the only game in Nintendo Switch Sports to not allow players to customize the sports equipment. Instead, the "soccer equipment" is actually special effects for whenever a player scores a goal (such as a candy shower or bubbles appearing at the net).